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What are the advantages of digital security labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-10
Digital anti-counterfeiting label is a kind of anti-counterfeiting code for every product of a company. This code is random, only sex, it is impossible for counterfeiters to crack it. Then, these codes are pre-stored in the system server. When consumers inquire, the entered code can know the authenticity of the product, which is a highly reliable method of anti-counterfeiting identification. Digital anti-counterfeiting is the use of modern computer technology, network communication technology, information coding technology, high-tech printing technology and modern management technology to systematically anti-counterfeit product information. So, what are the advantages of digital security labels?

  一. Advantages of digital anti-counterfeiting labels:

   1. Independent inquiry system: In order to effectively control fraud, we have established an independent anti-counterfeiting inquiry system for enterprises, including: independent inquiry telephone lines, communication access, servers and anti-counterfeiting inquiry software. Our experience tells us that establishing an independent anti-counterfeiting query system for enterprises is a key element of anti-counterfeiting.

  2. Simple and easy to use: Information inkjet coding is a relatively convenient anti-counterfeiting technology at present. It has a wide coverage of communication networks, simple and fast identification methods, and low cost. It can be used as a first-line anti-counterfeiting technology. Its application is not limited by the detailed characteristics and packaging characteristics of the product.

  3. Strong reliability: the entire information anti-counterfeiting system has reliable functions, and counterfeiters can’t make batches of counterfeiting and lose profit margins; the network is reliable and can resist attacks; network disasters urgently need to be restored, and the normal operation of the system can provide useful anti-counterfeiting maintenance for products .

  4. Information confidentiality: Choose a computer to complete the entire query and identification process without manual intervention. This anti-counterfeiting method of background operation avoids leakage and fraud and affects local maintenance.

  5. Uniqueness: All digital anti-counterfeiting labels are unique; and there is only one complete application, the counterfeiter cannot copy and reuse many times.

  6. Plasticity: Digital anti-counterfeiting product anti-counterfeiting signs and gifts are not only for network access licensing company-related services, but also can give full play to their unique and effective aspects of severely cracking down on smuggled goods, bill management methods, network marketing, etc., This can greatly reduce the cost of counterfeit and inferior manual services.

  7. Unified management: Digital anti-counterfeiting labels can be used for all kinds of commodities, telephone Internet covers the whole country, and the nationwide anti-counterfeiting logo Internet can be created, monitoring anytime and anywhere, and the management method is unified.

  8. It can develop the company’s brand image and effectively affect fakes, and the number of anti-counterfeiting marks is only one that will not change, so fakes can be distinguished well;

  9. Low cost: The cost of each digital anti-counterfeiting label is relatively low. When buying digital anti-counterfeiting labels for home appliances, you can feel the many advantages of the company's products. Digital security label is a suitable choice;

  10. It is very good to advertise the company's products. When the customer inspects the goods, he will see that the goods are genuine products of a certain company. With a good level of development of goods, it can give consumers an anti-counterfeiting certificate during the use of the goods, and when consumers buy, they can buy more reliably.

  Digital anti-counterfeiting is a network of people who establish a unique code for each product. The finished product of the anti-counterfeiting label is printed one thing and one two-dimensional code, and the code is stored in the core database. At the same time, an identification network is established. Such as text messages, phone calls, Internet inquiries, etc., throughout the country. Consumers can easily find and reject counterfeiting: a digital anti-counterfeiting label can only be used for a single anti-counterfeiting code. After the consumer inquires once, the second inquiry system will prompt that the anti-counterfeiting code has been used, and the consumer will not purchase the product that has already been inquired.

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