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What are the advantages, carries an anti-counterfeit label for the qr code?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-07
Now you at the time of purchase items also often see different anti-counterfeit labels. This behind these labels is also because of the cause of the fraud molecules. From a single anti-counterfeiting before, to the diversity of anti-counterfeiting, prevent the transregional until now many of the companies are also beginning to use of anti-counterfeit labels for marketing, is now in anti-counterfeit label through a variety of marketing methods to brand image to promote corporate image. As we all know that qr code anti-counterfeit labels the benefits of also has a lot of people don't know? Here we are together and see it. The advantage of qr code anti-counterfeit labels: < br / >
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1. Anti-counterfeiting labels adaptability: now carries an anti-counterfeit label for the qr code is suitable for application in all kinds of products, such as cosmetics, health products, medicine, electronic appliances, alcohol, tea, daily necessities, the consumer drinks, clothing tags, and other industries.

  2. Anti-counterfeiting labels stability: under the condition of normal use, anti-counterfeiting labels anti-fake identifying features can continue to insist on a very short time. The fluorescent ink and temperature change ink, for example, have attenuation period.

  3. Anti-counterfeiting labels swallow a yard and a yard identity uniqueness: security labels security to identify the characteristics of sexual and not copy only. Digital anti-counterfeiting, for example, do a commodity of anti-counterfeit marking a status code, each anti-counterfeiting logo can only be a one-time use, can not carry.

  4. Security labels security efforts: to identify the authenticity, avoid pretending to be fake degree of persistence and strong function. The number of anti-counterfeiting efforts by anti-fake identifying characteristics, anti-counterfeiting technology exclusive copy, copy the difficulty and the number of capital economics 4 elements.

  5. Sex only: system give each product a only anti-counterfeiting code and logo on the products or packaging, as each person has a id number is the same, only the product can be pretend to be copied but the code is only.

  6. Easy to identify and query customers who don't need to learn special recognition skills, simply scan the QR barcode by mobile phones, to send short messages, query the authenticity of goods, is very convenient.

  7. Low capital: digital anti-counterfeit label production is very short, just let's common stickers, coated paper and laser anti-counterfeit label printing QR code level, increase the capital is very low.

  8. Use disposable to product each anti-counterfeiting marker in general, can only be used once. Once applied, scraping coating or surface and anti-counterfeiting marker can significantly damage, and is different from not using other anti-counterfeiting marker. Authorized special product or valuables, can through the system service core skills, after began to query, all of its legal shall enjoy the right of repeated queries. To expand the application range of the anti-counterfeiting mark.

  9. Management the unity of the anti-counterfeiting marker can be used for any kinds of goods on the use of the telephone network spread across the country set up a national anti-counterfeiting security network monitoring, unified management at any time.

  10. Impact the timeliness of each digital system certification, in every record system are provided for a certification of relevant information, contains the moment, the telephone number of the certification, etc. Basis is something anti-counterfeiting code query the number of times, and the origin of the query number, can distinguish the true and false goods, can distinguish fake goods area, can provide a clue to inform the legal department in time, the impact of timely counterfeiters. QR code anti-counterfeiting is convenient and can greatly progress of enterprise and customer interaction progress of enterprise reputation and credibility. < br / >
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qr code anti-counterfeiting system gathering network technology, communication technology, data encryption, etc. , through product information database of anti-counterfeiting code generation, transmission and use of the whole monitoring and to deal with. Establish product database, and set a only qr code for each product; Then for each corresponding to a product only the qr code. Qr code anti-counterfeiting technology can be used separately, but also can contact other technique is applied, some companies choose qr code anti-counterfeiting technology contact lines dense anti-counterfeiting technology is applied, some companies choose qr code anti-counterfeiting technology applied to contact code anti-counterfeiting, also some companies choose qr code anti-counterfeiting technology contact temperature change anti-counterfeiting technology used, etc. , choose several contact anti-counterfeiting technology is applied, the end can be multiple anti-counterfeiting, to make it stronger anti-counterfeiting technology, fake harder.

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