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What are the advantages and value of the QR code anti-counterfeiting marketing system?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-22
As we all know, two-dimensional codes can not only be used for anti-counterfeiting, but also can achieve marketing effects; for this reason, many companies are using two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting marketing systems, which can use two-dimensional codes as traffic portals And so on, so that companies can systematically manage products while also collecting market information. So here, the editor will introduce to you what advantages, features and value the QR code anti-counterfeiting marketing system can bring.

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   1. The advantages of the QR code anti-counterfeiting marketing system:

  1. Product traceability: Enterprises can record the production process, destination, batch, manufacturer, production date and other information through the QR code anti-counterfeiting marketing system, and generate a QR code. The core data is independently controlled by the enterprise to provide consumers with the traceability function of the product process display link. Consumers can query product information by scanning the QR code on the product, and they can purchase and use with confidence.

  2. Online interaction: After scanning the QR code to enter the mall, consumers can have online conversations with merchants, and merchants can solve users' questions and concerns in a timely manner. This kind of interaction can enhance consumers' trust in the brand.

  3. Fan absorption function: QR code anti-counterfeiting marketing system uses QR code as the carrier. Enterprises can give QR code a series of marketing functions, and use activities such as scanning code to receive red envelopes and shopping points to arouse public curiosity. , Coupled with various ways of publicity, can quickly increase the number of fans.

  4. For brand promotion, companies can use the functional advantages of the QR code marketing system to divert offline customers to online. Scanning codes can increase website click-through rates, conversion rates, and quickly drain traffic.

  5. Big data analysis: The QR code anti-counterfeiting marketing system can help companies analyze and sort out all aspects of data, and organize the number of agent teams, sales performance, order status, consumer scan code, etc. into a clear report , So that companies can adjust their plans in real time to achieve accurate marketing.

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   2. The marketing value of QR code anti-counterfeiting marketing system:

  1. Increasing the rate of product scan code: The purpose of the company's marketing strategy is to obtain more consumers. The more consumers participating in the activity, the better the marketing activity. Its scanning rate is a reflection of how good or bad one thing one code is for product marketing. The QR code anti-counterfeiting marketing system provides consumers with diversified marketing models and provides consumers with a good shopping experience.

  2. Increase product publicity: The company’s publicity costs and energy are limited. These limited product publicity messages are conveyed to as many target consumers as possible, and the product publicity messages are autonomously based on the target consumers’ preferences. Spread to other platforms to make product information get more people's attention.

  3. Increase product timeliness: The use of a QR code anti-counterfeiting marketing system is convenient for enterprises to manage marketing activities, and real-time adjustment of marketing strategies according to market changes, adapting to the market environment makes marketing activities sustainable and timely. Let the company's money be spent on the blade to increase the efficiency of marketing activities.

   QR code anti-counterfeiting marketing system can realize unified management of products, allowing enterprises to achieve sustainable development. If you also need to build a QR code anti-counterfeiting marketing system, welcome to consult us. We have a professional anti-counterfeiting team and design team, which can design for free and will bring you one-stop service.

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