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What are the advantages and characteristics of the peel-off anti-counterfeiting label?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-14
In a society with rapid economic development, counterfeit and shoddy products have also begun in large quantities, so the anti-counterfeiting label is very important. It is like the counterfeit and shoddy goods; the little policeman. It is a peel-off anti-counterfeiting label. Its appearance is very beautiful and generous. There is a layer of film on the surface. After tearing it open, the bottom will show the words 'opened'. Is it a special anti-counterfeiting label? Next, the editor will come to talk about the advantages and characteristics of the anti-counterfeiting label. On behalf of the class, please take a small book and record it.

   First, let’s talk about its features:

  1. The peel-off QR code anti-counterfeiting label is one of the anti-counterfeiting labels. This kind of anti-counterfeiting label can be divided into two layers, the surface layer can be lifted, and the bottom layer is attached to the object.

  2, because of its high anti-counterfeiting performance, the peel-off anti-counterfeiting label is widely used in various industries such as tobacco and alcohol, light industry, medicine, auto parts, electrical and so on.

  3. The surface layer of the anti-counterfeiting label can be printed with information such as the name of the company, the product logo, and the method of inquiring the authenticity of the product. The security code is not printed on the outside of the label, and the security code is printed on the bottom layer. When making anti-counterfeiting inquiries, customers need to uncover the surface of the anti-counterfeiting label, and the anti-counterfeiting code is printed on the bottom label paper attached to the product packaging.

  4. The peel-off anti-counterfeiting labels can be divided according to the different raw materials: self-adhesive paper peel-off anti-counterfeiting labels, laser-revealing anti-counterfeiting labels, plastic film-removing anti-counterfeiting labels, etc., can also be based on anti-counterfeiting labels The used anti-counterfeiting technologies are combined to form the anti-counterfeiting labels of other varieties.

  5. The peel-off anti-counterfeiting label has the characteristics of being damaged once it is revealed, and it is difficult for the label to be transferred and used.

  6. The anti-counterfeiting code and uniqueness of this anti-counterfeiting label, the anti-counterfeiting code on the label can only be queried once, and it becomes invalid immediately to avoid the label being copied in batches.

   Next, let’s take a look at its advantages?

  1. The peel-off anti-counterfeiting label has the characteristics of being damaged once it is revealed, and it is difficult for the label to be transferred and used.

  2. The anti-counterfeiting code that uncovers the bottom anti-counterfeiting label is non-reproducible. Once inquired, it will become invalid immediately. It cannot be copied or repeated to avoid large-scale counterfeiting of the product.

  3. It is suitable for the appearance of goods after packaging such as OPP, PC, PE, and the appearance of various wine boxes, cigarette boxes, small medicine boxes, and cosmetics.

   In fact, the release type anti-counterfeiting label is also a kind of digital anti-counterfeiting label. It is made by printing the anti-counterfeiting digital on the basis of the sub-layer identification on the paper surface, and then covering the printed paper with special ink. The logo is divided into three parts: the surface layer, the sub-layer isolation layer, and the bottom layer. The surface layer is a printing layer, which can print text and patterns; the second layer is transparent or colored, and the isolation layer will also be printed with an anti-counterfeiting identity code; the bottom layer is used for anti-sticking Of release paper. Once the label is uncovered, it is destroyed and cannot be used again. Don’t you think it’s fun? The label that can be torn off by hand does not need to be scanned, which increases the interaction between the product and the customer, while being beautiful, the anti-counterfeiting performance is also increased. Therefore, the advantages of the peel-off anti-counterfeiting label are still very rich. Therefore, it is also well received by major enterprises. The above is the editor's introduction to the advantages and characteristics of the anti-counterfeiting label.

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