We are engaged in custom hologram sticker printing, security stamping label and packing label printing nearly 20 years.

What are raw materials for custom label printing production?
As an important part of manufacturing custom label printing , high quality raw material selection is critical to producers. In addition, raw materials largely determine the cost of the product, which is an important factor for the buyer to consider. The quality of raw materials should be highly valued. This is to strengthen its quality.

LG Printing is booming in this hologram sticker field. has multiple series, and the following is the custom made labels series. LG hologram sticker comes with a variety of colors. . Consisting of industrial professionals and experienced department managers in the 3d hologram sticker industry, LG Printing team maintains consistently high levels of production and quality. Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd's after-sale service team would be glad to help you do repair fast and at low cost. LG hologram stickers are exported in moisture-proof packaging.

By providing highly cost-effective products, Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd brings a high-quality life to customers. Get quote!
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