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What advantages does anti-counterfeiting label bring to enterprises?

by:LG Printing     2020-01-23
Anti-counterfeiting labels are developed by applying anti-counterfeiting technology. When consumers purchase products, they can scratch the coating and verify the authenticity of the products through mobile phones and internet inquiries. There will be one object and one code on the anti-counterfeiting label, and each group of anti-counterfeiting codes will be different. Each anti-counterfeiting code on each product can only be based on the first query result. If it is repeatedly queried, it is a fake product. So, what advantages does anti-counterfeiting labels bring to enterprises? 1. Increase the difficulty of counterfeiting for counterfeiters, drive counterfeit and shoddy products out of the market, maintain market order, increase product sales, and increase profits for enterprises and dealers. 2. Reducing the negative impact of fake and shoddy products on the company plays a key role in protecting the brand image and corporate reputation, and at the same time increases consumers' confidence and loyalty to the products. 3. It can reduce the expenditure of enterprises on counterfeiting, thus reducing manpower, material resources and financial resources. The anti-counterfeiting work is not the work of the enterprise itself. The use of anti-counterfeiting labels enables each consumer to participate in anti-counterfeiting activities, so that enterprises and consumers can jointly maintain market order. 4. When using anti-counterfeiting labels, product manufacturers can not only promote and publicize the products well, but also provide protection for consumers, thus allowing consumers to purchase the products at ease.
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