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VOID anti-counterfeiting label you don't know

by:LG Printing     2020-02-22
In daily packaging, VOID anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used as packaging box sealing stickers, sealing stickers, etc. , which have the characteristics of preventing tampering and unpacking. VOID sealing paste consists of two parts: the label surface material PET implies a glue layer that can separate 'VOID. The label is as intact as the ordinary label before it is uncovered. When the attached label is torn open, the adhesive layer containing the word 'VOID' in the label is immediately separated from the label, the adhesive layer with the word 'VOID' remains on the attached object, and the label will also have traces of the word 'VOID' and cannot be restored. It is only for one-time use. Therefore, if it is found that there is the word 'VOID' on the label, or there is a trace of 'VOID' on the packaging, it proves that the product has been opened, which can effectively remind the production, dealers and consumers, beware of counterfeiting or smuggling. PS: 'VOID', which means tearing is invalid in Chinese and is an international anti-counterfeiting mark. There are many types of VOID anti-counterfeiting materials, which can be subdivided into full transfer type and semi-transfer type. After the label is torn out, the glue has the characteristic of completely separating from the label, and the adhesive layer containing VOID can completely remain on the veneer, and the label cannot be pasted back without stickiness ( Half of the transfer is only half of the glue residue, the label is still sticky to stick back) The full transfer has a better one-time anti-counterfeiting effect, which cannot be restored, cannot be processed, and cannot be faked, thus ensuring the one-time use of anti-counterfeiting labels. Before opening, it is found that there is a VOID mark on the label, indicating that the label has been unsealed. It should be cautious to prevent counterfeiting and effectively remind consumers and managers. Uncovering the anti-counterfeiting materials of the word VOID, whether it is attached to the packaging box, PP plastic bag, corrugated box, plastic parts, or hardware mechanical parts, can achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect of the word, therefore, VOID anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used in all walks of life, such as electronic products/logistics/Security/tobacco and alcohol/food/cosmetics/medicine/hardware. Often used as anti-unsealing and anti-disassembly, sealing paste/sealing paste, etc. Any specified text or logo can be printed on the surface of the surface of the VOID label. It is recommended to print some prompts such as tearing invalid, seeing VOID invalid, etc. , to remind consumers to pay attention to the integrity of the seal, so as to judge whether it has been opened without authorization. Different products have different printing requirements. In order to increase the anti-counterfeiting and uniqueness of VOID labels, many enterprises will require printing numbers or anti-counterfeiting two-dimensional codes on labels, the label is turned into a multifunctional anti-counterfeiting sealing sticker with anti-tampering and anti-counterfeiting query function, which saves the cost compared with printing anti-counterfeiting labels. VOID anti-counterfeiting materials are divided into two types in terms of residual effect, one is VOID with positive residual effect and the other is VOID with negative residual effect. The negative plate has a high residual effect and is generally more suitable for use in boxes. The 'VOID' font is an internationally used anti-counterfeiting label, which means tearing up the invalid meaning. According to customer requirements, the VOID font can be modified and customized to the specified text or logo to further enhance the anti-counterfeiting effect, raise the threshold of fraud and show the brand personality of the enterprise. In addition, there is a VOID that does not leave marks. After the label is torn, the veneer will not leave VOID marks, but the word OPENVOID will still appear on the label, indicating that it has been torn, this kind of material is commonly used in the camera of mobile phones. Its function is to prevent photos. In order to keep confidential and prevent technology leakage in some factories or exhibitions, the mobile phone camera of the employee/visitor will be labeled with an anti-shooting label, and the feature of leaving no marks will not damage the mobile phone. It is also widely used in the sealing of packing boxes, safes, door seals, etc. Once the label is torn open, OPENVOID will be displayed and cannot be restored. The administrator will see this mark on the label, I know that the label has been unsealed. Many banks' safes also have this application, and the labels are torn open without leaving traces. Learn more about the 508475306 plus 15986639910
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