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Vehicle registration is an important means of

by:LG Printing     2020-06-12
The common paper version of the registration card can easily be tampered with. Longevity of the card can be shortened by the ease in the paper tearing or smudging. Some have proposed that vehicle registration cards be printed on plastic cards similar to the plastic driver's license. Benefits to using a plastic card over a paper card are many. Some good reasons are as follows: Longevity. The durability of a plastic card is greater than a paper card stock. For this reason many types of identification products are currently produced on a PVC plastic card rather than paper or teslin products. Data transmission. With plastic cards, there are many types of ways to embed information that can be used for increased efficient processing of events. Bar codes, magnetic strips, embedded internal information can all be enabled so that valuable data about the vehicle and its owner can be transmitted quickly. Fast, easy scanning can make processes such as inspections, vehicle transfer processes and motor vehicle ticketing easier. By quickly scanning the card into readers located in an office or in a government vehicle, the data can accurately be imported into summons papers, inspection results and other government records. Security. The paper registration can be easily torn, smudged, and altered. A plastic card with some security technology, such as a hologram, will reduce the amount of fraudulent information that must be waded through with the use of a paper registration process. Benefits of the plastic card printing can be worthwhile as increased efficiencies and easy transfer of information can outweigh the costs of the system many times over. Online card printing retailers that provide Zebra card printers are happy to provide a custom printing package to meet your individual small or large card printing needs.
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