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Uses and types of waterproof anti-counterfeit labels

by:LG Printing     2021-08-21

1. Introduction of waterproof label:

A series of labels with certain waterproof characteristics, which are specially used to resist water going to bed and avoid the unstable peeling off of the label, which are called waterproof labels for short. The characteristic strength is related to the material used in the label and the adhesive.

2. Purpose of waterproof label:

1. Atlas: such as maps, traffic maps, engineering drawings, etc.

2, various waterproof printing materials, glass cutting board stickers, etc.

3. Disposable tableware, drinking utensils, etc. It is non-toxic and harmless.

4. Various securities: it can replace expensive coated paper with low price.

5. Ads, labels, business cards. It has the characteristics of bright color and durability.

6. Packaging supplies: such as packaging boxes for cigarettes, wine, and tea, gift bags, etc. Can be made into exquisite printing. It has a bright and gratifying effect.

7. Picture albums: such as product manuals, various samples, arts and crafts, etc.

Three, waterproof label paper types are divided into:

1. PET label paper: bright white , Matte white, silver and many other colors, such as Xiaoyinlong, Asian Silver label paper, etc., have excellent high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good waterproof performance, durability, tensile resistance, acid and alkali resistance, Scratch resistance, friction resistance, etc., but the cost is relatively higher, and it is used with resin-based ribbon printing. Widely used in electrical appliances, electric and mechanical equipment.

2. Synthetic paper (PP self-adhesive label paper): matte white, tough material, good extrusion resistance, good moisture and water resistance; its cost is lower than that of PET, and it can be matched Hybrid and resin-based ribbon printing, with thermal transfer printing performance, is widely used in electronic components, daily chemical products and other applications.

3. PVC self-adhesive stickers: It can also be called synthetic paper. It has good chemical resistance and tear resistance, but it has general temperature resistance and tensile resistance, which will be affected by temperature; widely used Used in electronics, machinery, batteries, outdoor stickers and other applications. Because many toxic additives are usually added during the production of PVC labels, they are not recyclable and have poor degradability, which has a negative impact on environmental protection. Therefore, the application of this label paper in the market is not as good as PET label paper.

4. The mixture of PP and PE (polyolefin): uniaxially stretched by machine, it has higher tensile strength and tear resistance, low opacity, soft material , Extrusion resistance. The material can be stretched and deformed into a straight line in one direction, and be very hard in the other direction. This type of material integrates flexibility and stiffness. It has good stiffness in the machine direction and good flexibility in the other direction. The label is delivered smoothly during labeling and has good squeezing resistance after labeling. It is widely used in daily chemical products.

5. Synthetic paper (a kind of PP material): looks like paper, matt white, after two-way stretching, the material is tough and has good extrusion resistance. At the same time, it has good thermal transfer printing performance, and the material texture is relatively hard, which is suitable for flat or hard surfaces. It is widely used in electronic components and daily chemical products.

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