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by:LG Printing     2020-06-27
When you buy your ID card kits you have three types of holograms to select from. Shields and key holograms are a beautiful option you could select for your ID cards. They have large shields and small keys all over the sheet that spans a size of 2.125'x3.375'. Since the length and the width are equal to the size of the card, it covers the entire ID card imparting it a rich look. At the same time the hologram serves as a protective layer to the card also. Inside the shields of the shield and star holograms you get a five point star. In the star you have the words 'Secure' and 'Valid' printed. Since the thickness of the holograms is only 1.5mil they do not contribute to the thickness of the ID cards made with the use of ID card kits. However, they contribute in a big way to the protection of the card and also as a measure against tampering. Since the holograms stick to the laminates of the ID cards permanently no one is able to detach them from the ID cards in order to tamper them. As such, the holograms are essential components of ID cards. In addition to the shield and key hologram, there are two more patters that are available with ID card kits. One of them is the popular Nine Eagles hologram and the other is the official seal hologram. All three of these holograms have the same properties with the only difference with their designs. The rich looks they impart on the ID cards are also similar. They only provide three different patterns for you to choose the one you like. The material thickness and the hardness of the material with which they are made of also are the same. On price also they have no difference. When you take the wise decision to produce the identity cards for your staff in house using ID card kits, it is not necessary for you to stick to a single design of hologram. Instead, you have the option to choose all three and use them on ID cards of different categories. This will allow you to differentiate those who are attached to different departments of the organization. As all these are offered when you buy your ID card kits it is a good idea to choose them and save a lot of money. At the same time, you will be able to have ID cards with holograms also.
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