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Uncovering the anti-counterfeiting label is a form of relatively scratching the anti-counterfeiting label, and it is also a kind of digital anti-counterfeiting mark. In popular words, consumers check

by:LG Printing     2020-03-15
What are the characteristics and advantages of uncovering the anti-counterfeiting label? Uncovering the anti-counterfeiting label has obvious advantages over scraping the anti-counterfeiting label, and has the advantage that it cannot be recovered once it is uncovered. If the traditional scraping anti-counterfeiting label is heated by an electric hair dryer, it can be transferred and utilized, and the uncovering of the anti-counterfeiting label is difficult to be completely removed because the adhesive is attached to the adhesive, if it is opened normally, the password will remain on the original sticker. Moreover, it also has the unique anti-counterfeiting code characteristic of the scratch-open anti-counterfeiting label, which can effectively avoid the situation that the product is copied on a large scale. Because the password area is on the second floor, the home page is available for design, so the aesthetics is also high. However, because the printing process is more complicated, the cost will be significantly higher than that of ordinary scratch-type anti-counterfeiting labels. Uncovering anti-counterfeiting labels is suitable for high-value products, such as high-grade tobacco and alcohol, health care products, confidential documents, new and unique patented products, etc. What is the process of uncovering the anti-counterfeiting label? Uncovering the anti-counterfeiting label can be printed with pet/double-layer coated paper, pe and other materials. The label is divided into three parts: surface layer, secondary layer and backing paper. The surface layer is the printing layer, which can print pattern characters, enterprise trademark names, inquiry and verification methods and other information. The secondary layer is the password layer, which can print information such as anti-counterfeiting code two-dimensional codes, and the base paper is anti-stick release paper. There are also uncovering anti-counterfeiting labels of void materials. After uncovering, there are void or uncovering invalid words on the attachments, which cannot be recovered to achieve the effect of anti-counterfeiting and anti-uncovering. It is widely used in electronic products. What is the price of uncovering the anti-counterfeiting label? Because of the additional layer of anti-counterfeiting labels, the printing cost is much higher than that of traditional self-adhesive labels, and the price of one piece ranges from several points to several hairs. The specific requirements depend on the label requirements of the merchant, such as size specification and quantity. However, compared with the value of the product and the benefits obtained, this cost is nothing. Suitable is good, we suggest that you choose the corresponding anti-counterfeiting solution according to your product needs.
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