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Uncovered the purpose of double label is what are the advantages and principles of?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-04
Carries an label' target='_blank'>anti-counterfeit label for the use of counterfeit products plays an important role in the influence of consumers to purchase products, with such labels to scan code, WeChat through public, electricity, equipment, and other ways to verify authenticity, eliminate the concerns of consumers. Goods through the channels management system, increase the dealer's control, such as anti-counterfeiting, operating system for brand image and product operating a solid guarantee. Anti-counterfeit label is a kind of digital anti-counterfeit labels, the label once opened, it is damaged, can't use anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used in wine, auto parts, medicine, electrical appliances and other industries. < br / >

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a. Principle < br / >
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anti-fake label has a unique double color tag technology, rich and changeful, anti-counterfeiting information label surface usually is proven, issued after the authentication information at the bottom of the label, will not be able to pass. Double design makes products publicity and security tag can contain more information, adding value for our products. Anti-counterfeit label is a kind of plastic film to remind anti-counterfeiting materials base material, it consists of a hollow hole left text, left image; When peel, it can be layered display content between each layer, can prevent unlicensed peel, mobile and heavy stick, damage to the characteristics of the peel and stick. Advantage < br / >
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1. Double label, contains very rich information; The surface can be coated according to printing method. After processing the surface of the base material with excellent printing and printing effect, and chemical reagents and wear resistance. Article can save printing carbon, reduce the printer loss; Offset, gravure printing method can show excellent printing effect.

  3. When the label off from adhesive surface, text or image with predefined substrate substrate separation, and remain on the surface of the adhesive, integrity, be off base plate and the font cannot recover. In addition to the security, but also realize the propaganda, the transfer function;

  4. The default font pattern in base material can be all text, images, images can be customer specified other layout. Selection, layout, enhance anti-counterfeit effect, promote the enterprise image. Once found, will be damaged and cannot be restored, the transfer function; The color and variable data labels 2 layer is achieved. Anti-counterfeiting labels to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products into the market has played an important role, guaranteed the enterprise's brand image. Even if the customer after the scan code found that fake and inferior products, also won't too much influence on the formation regular business. Posted on the product anti-counterfeiting labels, not only have the effect of the anti-counterfeiting, and increase the product's selling point. Now anti-counterfeiting labels not only care about the price of the product, also pay attention to the quality of the products. Use security tags can help enterprises dominate in the competition, in short, anti-counterfeiting labels into the middle of the enterprise competition. In the long run, with open type false label products is the key, for customers to buy the product is whether companies hold the market scale of the key factors. Feature < br / >
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surface material according to the way of printing, paste the actual need of double-sided coated paper, such as physical appearance have a choice, substrate can make its white, silver, silver or other colors of light, not on the label with the appearance of the viscous material, base material default text or graphics is base material separation, complete retained the appearance of the ceramic tile in weight-bearing condition, base material and font cannot recover after pulling open. Basic data of the default font patterns can be all text, images, and other special pictures can be customer specified.


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