How to Quickly and Effectively Scratch Off Stickers

Today various types of stickers are found on almost every item you buy from the market. Some of these stickers are used to promote the brand whereas some for ensuring the safety and security of the product in the package. Though most of these stickers can be scratched off easily sometimes you cannot scratch off stickers effectively from various types of surfaces like clothes, glass, and walls, etc.


Usually, kids are very much passionate about scratching off stickers from the package as well as the products like clothes or glassware you have bought recently. But most of them are not passionate to preserve those stickers for long. They throw them here or there to get stuck anywhere like under the carpet or in the corner of the walls etc. After some time you can find the stickers, scratched off by the kids, stuck on some hidden surfaces. These stickers can be removed easily if you notice them as soon as possible.


But if they are not noticed for a long time then it can be difficult to remove them completely as they get enough time to settle down well on those surfaces. Sometimes these stickers are not removed completely from the surfaces where they were pasted initially. In these situations, you will have to find out effective ways to remove these stickers as well as their residual parts from various types of surfaces. In this write-up, you will find a few measures to remove the stickers completely, effectively and quickly from different types of surfaces.

Things to consider

Before starting to scratch off stickers you should consider a few things. These tips will help in removing stickers effectively without damaging the surface. These things include:


It will be hard to remove the dried stains of the stickers from your clothes as compared to fresh stains. So you should dab the stain with a moist cloth before removing the stain and try to remove the stain completely before the cloth dries.

If you have to remove the sticker from the glass on your windowpane then you should never use a sharp-edged object for this purpose as it can create scratches on the glass which may not be easy to remove in any case.

It is good to use hot soapy water to remove the residue of any kind of stickers left behind on any kind of surface.

Removal of the residue of sticky labels from clothes

It can be very easy to scratch off sticker residues from the clothes by taking some careful steps like:

If possible, you should not tumble dry clothes with stains of sticky stickers or allow the stains to dry. It will be more difficult to remove the residual stains of the stickers, once they are dry.

Before treating the garments with stains of stickers you should check its instructions to take care so that you can choose the washing cycle as well as detergent suitable for them. You will have to use a mild detergent to treat the stains of sticky stickers from your garments carefully if they are made of some delicate fabrics like silk, lace or wool.

A good quality detergent should be rubbed directly on the affected area to treat the stain effectively. You can also use some specialist remover for adhesive stains if it is suitable for your garments, according to their care label. For the clothes made of delicate fabrics, a powerful remover can be harmful to some extent if it is not diluted before applying on them should also protect your hands while using any cleaning agent as they can be harmful to them. You should also follow the instruction provided on their labels.

You should also follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the garments while washing them after applying the stain remover product. You should follow the washing symbols provided on the care label of the garment. In order to remove the stain completely, the clothes should be washed at 40 degrees or less temperature.

The affected area should be treated again if some of the residues are not removed. You can also blot and rub the stain with alcohol as an alternative treatment to remove it. You should wash it again as usual. However, before using a stain removing product you should test its effectiveness on the hidden part of the fabric to ensure that it is safe for it.

Removal of the residue of the sticky stickers from wood, plastic, and Metal

The process to scratch off sticker residue from wood, plastic, and metal can be a bit more difficult for you if do not know which method will be the safest for them. These materials can neither be treated with abrasive products nor chemical agents as in both cases they can get damaged or scratched. So you should follow the tips provided hereunder.

In the affected area, you should, first of all, apply vegetable oil and allow it to stay there for a few hours so that the stain can soak it.

Now you have to soften the glue of the sicker stain by using a warm hairdryer. When the glue becomes soft you can wipe it off from the surface effectively.

After removing the stain you should finally clean the surface by using a cloth and hot soapy water.


Removal of stickers from walls


In order to decorate walls people normally use vinyl stickers of large sizes these days. Though they are easy to install when you want to change or remove them then it can be difficult for you unless you know how to remove them. Specific methods to remove these large stickers are recommended by their manufacturers. But it can be difficult for you to know those methods if it is made by a non-standard manufacturer or you have not preserved the caring instructions provided with the stickers. In this situation, you should follow the steps provided hereunder.


You should, first of all, remove the sticker manually as much as you can

Now to remove the excess residue on your walls you can use a pencil eraser.

After removing the residue you can clean the entire wall with hot soapy water and a cloth


Removal of the glue of sticker from windows


It can be a fun time pass for your kids to paste stickers on the windows of your car but it can be a great headache for you to remove those stickers. They leave very ugly looking stains on the windows when you try to remove them. Though the patches of torn stickers may not look good you should never scratch them for the window of your car as scratching can damage it. In such a condition you should follow the steps provided hereunder to scratch off stickers completely and effectively.


In order to remove sticky stickers for the windows of your car, you should remove the sticker manually as much as you can. You should avoid using a sharp object to scrape away the unwanted stickers as it can damage the glass with scratches.

Instead, you should use a damp cloth to moist the residues of the sticker on your car window

Now to remove the glue of the sticker from your car window you can apply a nail polish remover containing acetone

You can roll away or rub the glue away from the glass of the car window.

In order to remove the remaining glue, you can use hot soapy water.


It becomes more difficult to remove a sticker for the window of your car if it has been there for a long time. You can try the method discussed above to remove the sticker but if it fails then you can try using a palette knife carefully. It can not only scratch the glass of your car window but can also be harmful to your fingers. You can avoid scratches on the glass by using the knife flat against the glass. You can protect your fingers by wearing gloves before starting the process to scratch off stickers from the car windows.


Removal of sticky labels from glass jars


Various types of glass jars are normally used in almost every household for different purposes. Some people use them for holding small items like buttons and beads etc. whereas some use them as vases to put flowers in them. But when you buy new jars you can find sticky labels on them. These labels can be removed easily by following the tips provided hereunder.


Take a big bowl with hot soapy water and dip the jar into it. You can make lather in the soapy water by using a washing liquid of good quality.

Leave the jar in the water for at least half an hour to soak in it completely. It will help in dissolving the glue of the label so that the label can slip off from the jar.

You can use a small nail brush or microfiber cloth and vinegar to scrub clean the glass of the jar if any residue of the glue remains on it.


Thus, by following the tips provided n this write-up you can scratch off stickers easily and effectively from various types of surfaces.