How To Custom Security Hologram Stickers

 In this article, we will have a closer look at an advanced printing technology known as holography. It is a technology that is hugely popular. It helps in coming out with high resolutions of three-dimensional images. It is quite complex in terms of the use of technology and involves the use of interference, laser, and diffraction. It also makes use of light intensity recording and could also be useful in recording and illumination. It also is possible to change the image because of the three-dimensional feature. This adds quite a bit of beauty to the entire pictures and images and makes them appear quite real and appealing. Apart from the cosmetics and good looks associated with these hologram stickers, there are also quite a few other things that are worth mentioning. In this article we will try and understand the various aspects pertaining to hologram stickers and how is it possible to customize security hologram stickers.

They Are Authentic 

Positioned Stamping Hologram Label 121 Custom Security Stickers

There is no doubt that hologram stickers go a long way in providing a mark of authentication and in most cases it is simply impossible to replicate. Hence, apart from good looks and ingenuity, if you are looking for complete security, there are reasons to believe that a well-designed and well thought out security hologram stickers could be useful to end-users in more ways than one. It could make the entire security aspect foolproof and it would be impossible to tamper. It also is eye-catching and there is a wide range of products were hologram can be used.

  As mentioned above, it is basically an optical laser record that uses the most advanced technology. It offers what is referred to as laser-recording of the 3D image using the best of optical technology. It comes with multiple layers of impressions as far as the customized artwork is concerned. Apart from offering high-security features, it also is capable of demonstrating multiple images and they are reconstructed as one whole image. Hence, there is no doubt that holograms offer the best of the depth of field. They also offer high-quality parallax because of the high refraction of light. When you look at it the images seem to float in space and this happens behind or in front of the 2D recording option or medium.

  When you use the right technology from the right manufacturers of holograms, you can come across different directions when you look at it after you have placed it at the correct angle of light. The effects look quite real and dramatic because of the wonderful mix of colors, images, and motion and the same are available in different depths.

Why Should Products Have Hologram? 

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 When you are selling products across a wide area and to scores of customers, you must ensure that they are fully protected from duplication as far as the hologram and other attributes are concerned. If the product and brand name are not protected adequately, it could mean lost sales running to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The reputation of your company could also be at stake. The situation might become irreversible if another company is in a position to easily duplicate your hologram and of course the products. Hence, there is hardly any doubt that hologram is of extreme importance from the security perspective and therefore you must give security hologram stickers the importance that it deserves. There are many who believe that it is a time-tested and proven security and authentication features that goes a long way in preventing fraud. Therefore, it is not only a choice but is becoming a big necessity and it becoming extremely vital for many companies that are into the manufacture of products of different kinds. It could make the difference between success and failure of an organization, even if it has the best of products.

 The challenge lies in identifying the right manufacturer. We will be looking and the advantages and disadvantages of hologram stickers and also will spend some time getting to know more about a company by the name LG Printing. Based in China, over the years they have become one of the most well-known and reputed service providers. They offer a wide range of services ranging from security stamping, hologram printing and also packing label printing. They have more than 20 years of experience and expertise and also have more than 10 years of experience in the printing industry.

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Holograms

  Before getting to know more about LG Printing, it would be a good idea to have a brief idea about the advantages and the downsides of holograms. It will help the readers to understand the various aspects of label printing and holograms from a better perspective. It also will help us to find out the reasons as to why it makes much better sense to be associated with big and reputed manufacturers like LG Printing for all your requirements of holograms and other associated requirements.

Positioned Security System Stickers Hologram Stamping Label


  They are cost-effective. When you need to print labels and holograms by the thousands an millions, there is no doubt that choosing a good holograph printing company makes a lot of sense. It could bring down costs by thousands of dollars and it will be a recurring saving that could improve your bottom line.

  Improved security. Whether it is mass-based products or even valuable items like gold and other precious metals and jewelry, holographs have a big role to play when it comes to increasing the overall security of the same. It could prevent tampering and play around with the trademark and design aspects of your products and services. It could help you to save big money and most importantly your reputation will also be protected especially when you are supplying many customers. Companies like LG Printing have customers not only within China but also across many continents and across international borders.

  High storage capacity is another big positive takeaway when you decide to go in for a holograph of your products.

  The feasibility of objects becomes quite good because of the depth of images that holographs are able to offer.

  It also is possible to achieve multiple images with the help of s single page and with the use of 3D images.


  It might be able to provide only static images.

  It will not be able to produce images that involve complex movement.

  It requires investing in complicated and high tech machinery and only companies like LG Printing might be able to have the technology, financial strength, and wherewithal.

  Inline holography often could end up with a low axial resolution

  At times, the reference illumination beams become collinear.

What Makes LG Printing So Very Important?

  While the above would have given our readers some basic understanding and information about security hologram stickers and other such applications, the market is becoming quite competitive. There is no doubt that there is a continuous and increasing demand for holography across the world. It is, therefore, quite natural that the suppliers of holography solutions are also increasing at a rapid pace. This without any doubt is leading to a steady increase in competition. If you are a customer on the looking for the right holography supplying company, you could have a problem in hand. The problem is not a limited number of suppliers and manufacturers but perhaps because of too many of them. Each of the suppliers has unique stories to tell. This makes it quite difficult for you to separate the grain from the chaff. In such situations, you will have to depend on information and knowledge that is based on research. If you do the right research you may have reasons to believe that LG Printing could be one of the best choices for all requirements of holography. Let us spend some time getting to know more about them and try and find out why they could be a good choice.

Some Interesting Facts About LG Printing

 The factory of LG Printing is located in the Panyu District, Guangzhou City. The main office of the company is located in the Tianhe District and that is also in Guangzhou Province. The workshop of the company covers an area of around 1500 square meters. They also have a quality office, with all the modern facilities, amenities, and infrastructure. Further, they are fully right from the legal and compliance perspective. They have the right printing permit and certificate, and also possess an industrial production permit certificate. Along with the above, they also possess a high tech product certificate, EMTEK International quality system certificate and most importantly patent certificates. Hence, from the certifications and legal standpoint, it is quite obvious that LG Printing is totally in line with the law of the land.

They Carry With Them The Right Experience And Expertise

  It is quite obvious that the experience and expertise of LG Printing is there for all to see. As mentioned earlier, they have around 10 years of experience, which sets them apart from many others. They have one of the best R&D centers and the workers and others who man these R&D centers also carry with them more than 10 years of experience as far as the printing industry is concerned.

They Have The Right Infrastructure

Hot Stamping Hologram Anti Counterfeit Label Custom Business Labels Stickers

  Being successful as a holograph manufacturer and supplier in a highly competitive world is easier said than done. It takes a lot of time, effort, focus and commitment to be successful. It is quite obvious that the success story of LG Printing has not been built in a single day or over a few years. It has taken the time and the success story for sure has been built brick by brick. It is because they have started this company with a clear cut objective of offering nothing but the best to the customers in terms of products, services, and other such things. While they have kept the prices reasonable, they have not compromised on quality under any circumstances.

  They have one of the best infrastructures for making those quality holographs. The list of machinery that they have is quite long and it may not be possible to list down each one of them. However, there are some equipment and infrastructure that are quite obvious in their list. To cite a few examples, they have 2 high quality and world-class sets of color printing. This is backed by 7 sets of state-of-the-art holograms for cutting and stamping. They also have with them the best of hologram printing machines and they have two sets of them to handle urgent orders. The printing machines have been procured from western countries and are known for their high quality, reliability, speed, and accuracy. Apart from the above, you also will find in their workshop 2 dependable and efficient gluing machines that have stood the test of time. A set of digital number printing machine is also worth mentioning here. In addition, to these, you also will find 1 set of UV printing machines that is invisible and to round it off they have 2 sets of quality control machines to ensure that each holograph will have the best quality accompanying it at any point in time.

Products They Offer

  Though their main product is a hologram sticker, they also manufacture security stamping labels apart from packing labels. These have wide applications that are used in health care products, food industries, wine and beverage industries, cosmetics, electronics and a host of other industries. They also find use in the gold and other precious metal industries and over the years there is no denying the fact that LG Printing has become one of the most sought after service providers. This is because of the quality security hologram stickers that they offer to their customers has stood the test of time.

  Because of the quality of their products backed by the best of service standards, they have a long list of customers. They are not only from mainland China but also from many other countries of Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and even Australia. Therefore it would not be wrong to mention that their security hologram stickers and other wide range of products have found acceptance across the globe and this is certainly not an easy job, giving the fact that there is intense competition in this business with scores of manufacturers and suppliers striving for a toe-hold in this tough and demanding market.

Readymade And Customized Solutions

  Another reason why this company is considered to be different from others is because of the fact that they offer both readymades as well as customized solutions. We are sharing some brief information about some products and services where LG Printing is capable of offering readymade and also highly customized solutions.

  When it comes to security hologram there is no doubt that they are considered to be one of the best. They are labels where the hologram is printed onto it. It is used specifically with security reasons in mind. The security holograms offered by them are almost impossible to forge because of a few obvious reasons. They are made from a master hologram. This is done with the help of special, expensive and technologically superior equipment. Hologram manufacturing is a complex job and it is classified depending on the levels of optical security that has been incorporated into them when the process of master origination takes place. It would be interesting to have a look at the main classifications for the sake of information of our readers and for better knowledge.

  2D/3D hologram, flip flop hologram, dot-matrix holograms, concealed images, kinetic images, images with high resolutions patterns, nano texts and micro texts, true-color images and a host of others. The company also makes some of the best quality invisible UV logo hologram.

Security Hologram Stamping Label

PVC Sticker Self-Adhesive Sticker For Bottle Water Labels

  LG Printing is perhaps one of the few that offers the best of security hologram stamping label. This is basically a new technology and it combines 3D hologram and also adhesive labels. They also make use of an innovative printing process that combines the best of hologram stamping technology with the most modern and sophisticated CMKY printing technology. When these two technologies are combined, what we get is a rich and diverse world of labeling which takes technology to a new level. This makes the entire label surface quite exquisite and the security feature is also quite improved and state of the art. They also play a big role in environmental protection and are good as far as preventing counterfeiting and other such things are concerned. Hence it would not be out of place to mention here that the diversification that they offer has quite a lot to offer.

Adhesive Label

Waterproof Sticker Labels For Jars

  Also referred to as self-adhesive labels, adhesive labels comes either as strips of films, papers or other such special materials. These are the basic materials and they come with adhesive-coated backs. They also have silicon protective paper that works as composite material backing. Once the printing has been done, it goes through die-cutting and other procedures to come out with the right sized adhesive labels. It would be pertinent to mention here that LG Printing has the best technology to offer seamless production of adhesive labels that are both readymades as well as customized. They come in a variety of materials including foil paper, matte paper, glossy paper, metallic silver, fragile paper, PP, PVC, synthetic paper and much more.

Custom R&D Service

  They are one of the few hologram manufacturers who are in a position to offer our R&D services to customize solutions taking into account the exact needs and requirements of the clients. This is because they have a very professional and experienced research and development team. The customers can get in touch with the manufacturers and the R&D team will be able to take things forward. They can play a big role when there is a need to improve the brand image of a company. It also could come in handy for enhancing the looks and appearances of product packaging. The company also has the best R&D team to come out with unique holograph solutions that could be helpful in tracking products and identifying them when you have scores of products to track and identify. The anti-counterfeiting solution offered by LG Printing, without any doubt, is comparable to the best in the business and they have earned the praise of many customers world-over.

The Best Of Process Flow

  A visit to the website of LG Printing would set to rest quite a few things as far as the kinds of services that they have to offer to their customers. They have the technology and wherewithal whereby it is possible for the customers to make their own logo and label design. It also is possible to print a label entirely with the help of size, quantity, and material that is in perfect sync with the overall needs and requirements of the customers. Hence, all these go to prove that LG Printing offers the best possible customization that one can think of. Let us now have a brief look at the process flow that makes them quite professional and in line with internationally accepted standards and practices.

  Using the online facilities, customers can come out with their own design, material, and other requirements, as mentioned above.

  Once the details have been submitted online, LG Printing takes around 24 hours to have a look at the requirements of the customers.

  They then create a customized blueprint in the form of a LOGO file.

  Once the LOGO file has been approved, a sample is shipped to the client, wherever they may be located.

  Once the sample has been confirmed, the next step is to confirm the order.

  The supplier asks for payment and they have many ways by which customers can make payments. They offer payment through Western Union, PayPal, WeChat, TT, Cash payments and also Alipay.

  Once the payment has been received and the payment terms and conditions have been met, the production starts. The production process includes craft processing which then moves on to the finished products. This is followed by the quality control and packing of the product. The end product is now ready for shipping.

  Before shipping the video or photo of the final product is sent to the clients for their approval. The shipping is done taking into account the specific needs and requirements of the clients and LG Shipping has the facility of live tracking of shipped orders so that customers know about the whereabouts of the products.

  Once the goods have been shipped and it has been received by the customers, the suppliers also offer complete, total and highly professional after-sale services.

Areas Where Holography Is Applied

  Having been in the field of holography for so many years, it is quite obvious that we are aware of the various areas in which these are applied. We are happy to share some areas where the products and customized solutions of LG Printing may have been used selectively.

  Military Mapping – There is no doubt that geographic intelligence is a very important part of military strategy and there is a growing demand for fully dimensional images created out of holographic technologies. They are used for reconnaissance and other purposes. Hence, this is an area where companies like LG Printing could be focusing their energies and efforts quite seriously and in a focused manner over the next many years.

  Information Storage – The requirements for digital storage capacity keeps on increasing and it also is becoming more cost-effective with each passing year. Hence, there is an insatiable desire to keep data stored in the easiest and simplest possible manner. Towards this objective, there are reasons to believe that going in for suppliers like LG Printing could certainly make a very big difference. There are obviously a number of advantages and benefits of storing with the help of a holographic imaging system because of a number of reasons. In fact holograms do not need to store information about a visual object. They are also capable of recording pages and huge numbers of pages at it. In other words, with the kind of technologies available, it may not be long before this supplier can be in a position to store huge amounts of information that even the largest storage devices may not be able to do it.

Why Choose LG Printing This Supplier

  There are obviously a number of reasons as to why it makes sense to go in for this supplier and manufacturer. They are not just any other holograph and hologram manufacturers. They offer the best possible solutions and the good thing about them is that they have stood the test of time. They offer highly customized solutions apart from being one of the best as far as readymade solutions are also concerned. They are also known for their transparent dealings, reasonable pricing, market-driven warranty and guarantee terms and conditions and other such things.


  To sum up, there is no doubt that it does make a lot of sense to try out LG Printing in China for all your specific needs and requirements of holography requirements. As a customer, you can be sure that you will get the best value for money and you will be able to enjoy the benefits and advantages of being associated with them. They have the required experience, expertise and wherewithal to offer the best possible solutions that are focused, customer-specific and after studying the full needs and requirements of their clients. Their order execution and timelines are also quite impressive.