How hologram sticker works

Holograms are like photographs that never age. They look like 3d photos that are trapped inside glass, metal, or plastic. A hologram is a record of light that is reflected off a permanent object. An image created by holography can be seen when a laser is shined through a hologram and the image projected onto a screen.

hologram sticker is a label that is flat and adhesive that gives the visual effect of containing a 3D image. Hologram stickers are mostly used for security purposes. Hologram stickers are used for security purposes because the printing of a hologram sticker is a difficult process that can only be done by replicating the original hologram.

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Creation of a hologram

Our company LG Printing makes customized hologram stickers. We’re, therefore, knowledgeable when it comes to the creation of holograms. A hologram is created by reflecting a laser beam off the object you plan on capturing. The laser beam is split into two separate haves by shining it through a half-mirror. A half-mirror is a glass with a thin silver layer that allows the reflection of half of the laser beam, and the other half passes through.

The one half of the beam light reflected bounces off a mirror before hitting the object and reflecting it onto a photographic plate. It’s inside this photographic plate that a hologram is created. The beam that hits the object is known as the object beam. The other half of the beam bounces off another mirror before hitting the same photographic plate. This beam is referred to as the reference beam. When the two beams meet on the plate, a hologram is formed.

How holograms work

Laser beams are purer compared to light from a flashlight. All the light waves in a flashlight are jumbled up and random. On the other hand, laser light has waves that are coherent in that they’re precise in their travel. A laser beam is split in order to make a hologram. When the beam is split, the light waves travel in identical ways. You can see what the object looks like by joining the two beams and comparing them.

Every point of a hologram absorbs light waves travelling from all points in the object. This absorption of light explains how a holographic image appears to change similar to the real object when you move your head around while looking at a hologram sticker. The reason why holograms appear to be three-dimensional is that you can see how light would have arrived at a given point in a hologram if you were looking at the real object. When a hologram is broken into tiny pieces, the entire object can be seen in any of the broken pieces.

The security features provided by hologram stickers prevent many counterfeiters from trying to replicate things that have a hologram label imprinted in them. To create a hologram, you need a glass plate that has first been treated with iron oxide then coated with photoresist. The material and the set light waves used to create a hologram then create a chemical reaction. As we have mentioned earlier, hologram stickers are used for security purposes because they’re difficult to copy, forge, or alter due to the chromatic properties of the holographic foil. A holographic foil is a plastic sheet that is thin on which an image is printed on.

An image is first captured from many angles. All those angles are then printed onto the foil. The printing of the image on the foil creates a picture that appears to be three-dimensional even though it is flat. The patterns of a hologram sticker are either simple and regular or slightly irregular in shape.

Under the holographic foil, there is a label material made from light-diffracting silver. The diffracted light makes colors and shapes that appear to move and shift when the foil is moved. There are hologram stickers that have an additional tamper-evident layer.

A residue remains behind in regular pattern if someone tries to peel off the hologram sticker. The residue visual that is mostly left behind when a hologram label is peeled off is the word VOID. This word is usually repeated across the surface the sticker was peeled from. Dot patterns and checkerboards are other residue visuals that can be used. They appear the same way the VOID word visual appears on the surface the hologram sticker was stuck to.

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Types of hologram stickers

Hologram stickers come in different designs. There are full tamper-evident stickers, transparent stickers, and hologram labels that are partially tamper-evident. Holographic labels can be combined with advanced printing to develop a fluorescent color-shifting effect, printing designs that are demetallized, 2D code effect, and barcodes.

A hologram sticker that is tamper-evident can be destroyed when someone attempts to reuse the label that has been fixed at a particular place or on a given object. It is possible to customize high-level security holographic labels for your company to be seen on the products you produce.

Protection of products

Holographic security labels can be used to protect products as well as increase their shelf-appeal and visibility. Holographic stickers can also be used to authenticate documents or items like event tickets and membership passes. Hologram stickers can be used in official documents to enable people to authenticate them quickly.

Convenient stores and gas stations

There are convenient stores and gas stations that use hologram labels to secure card readers and Point of Service terminals that are not manned. If you stop at an unmanned gas station or Point of Service terminal with a holographic sticker, make sure you confirm the label is not partially covered. If it happens to be covered it may have a skimmer placed over it with the intention to copy credit card details.

Package closures

Hologram stickers that are blank can be used as package closures or seals. However, if you want to text or serial numbers printed over the hologram’s foil, there is a way you can do it. You can reverse print the labels using either black or another dark color. Reverse printing leaves the holographic foil to show through the open spaces or text in the graphics. Reverse printing of the holographic foil increases the readability of text.

Prevention of counterfeiting products

Products such as wines that are renowned are often victims of counterfeiting. Counterfeiting of products has dire consequences to the original brand as the counterfeit products sabotage the image of legit products. Counterfeit products can also be harmful to the consumers who have no idea that the products are not the original.

To protect products from counterfeiting, a hologram is usually affixed to the product. The hologram sticker acts as a unique identifier of the original product, and it cannot be duplicated. By taking a photo of the holographic label enables you to identify the label with certainty. When you take the photo, a geolocation option of the product is activated. Identifying the location of the product helps track sales as well as products that are counterfeit. Authentication of the hologram’s label can be done by checking in with the brand or the brand’s application for identifying hologram stickers.

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Protection against counterfeiting in the fashion industry

Hologram stickers are used to protect companies against fraud in the fashion industry. Differentiating genuine fashion products from fake copies can be a hard task for the untrained eye. Fake products lead to loss of revenue for legit fashion companies as well as the unfair competition that makes it difficult for brands to expand their market.

To prevent you from buying fake products at a high price, hologram labels are used. A tag that cannot be duplicated is attached to the fashion products making them unique and easy to identify. Once customers are certain they can clarify the authenticity of the product they are buying, they become more confident in the brand. All a customer has to do is take a photo of the holographic tag, and the brand will authenticate it.

Eye-catching designs for decoration and promotion

A holographic sticker has many unique features that can make packaging appear shiny hence grab the customers’ attention. Holographic stickers can be used as decoration on fast-moving goods in order to increase their sales.

If you own a company and you wish to have your packaging improved through the use of holographic labels, you can reach us through our website We will create for you customized hologram stickers that will draw the customers’ attention to your products.

Brand awareness and security

Hologram stickers produced by our company can increase brand awareness. Hologram labels can come with inlaid messages that create brand awareness as well as a brand’s name. The inlaid messages communicate to the customers that a company wants to supply goods that are authentic, and the authenticity of the product can be proven through the hologram sticker.

Hologram stickers are not just shiny labels, but instead, they play a significant role in protecting products and documents from counterfeiting.