How are Anti-Counterfeit Labels made?

Setting up a business and gaining from it has been everyone’s dream. However, your long years of struggle can be of no meaning if you don’t take measures to safeguard your product and business brand name. Over the past few years, it’s been easy to manufacture and distribute products. However, with improvements in technology, this has changed, and many business brands are suffering losses due to counterfeit products.  

As products are moving from the manufacture to the consumers, there are so many people involved in between, and not all of them may mean well for your brand name. There have been cases where intermediaries alter product content and use counterfeit product labels to get money. Suppose you are dealing with the pharmaceutical industry, imagine the nature of the destruction that may occur?  

As counterfeiters make their way, some dedicated companies have come up with ways to make anti-counterfeit labels. Similarly, manufactures have also been taking steps to protect their brand and products using different forms of Anti-Counterfeit Labels. 

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Types of anti-counterfeiting techniques 

To create anti-counterfeit labels, you’ll need to be familiar with the existing types. Both types can be used together to enhance security, but still, you can use one and instead of the other. Currently, there are two main types, that is, Overt and Covert. However, overt anti-counterfeit labels are generally noticeable, but it may be hectic to alter the code if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge.  

On the other hand, Covert anti-counterfeit labels are hidden details that can only be difficult to open. Although all of them are used to enhance security and allow products to be traced along the product supply chain, as said, if your company has all the resources and is more concerned about product safety and security, then you can use covert and overt. However, you can also use either one of them. 

How can you make Anti-Counterfeit Labels

There are more than five ways through which you can use to design the best anti-counterfeit label that will protect your brand’s name. However, these methods require the use of some knowledge together with the necessary machinery. Below is a list of top ways that can be used to make anti-counterfeit labels 

Two-Dimensional (2D) Barcodes 

We are sure you have seen various bar security codes designed to inform of bar codes. However, they are often shared in the manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics industry. 2D barcode resembles a square or a rectangle though it’s filled with many tinny individual dots. It’s ion these boxes that information is stored and can only be uncovered using a bar code scanner. You may also encounter two types of 2D barcodes, which include Quick Response (QR) code and DataMatrix. The significant advantage of using these forms of anti-counterfeit labels is that it will hold enough information about a product when printed on a small paper.  


Every brand has its logo, which customers use it to identify them quickly. However, counterfeiters can still use these brand logos, and profit from that isn’t meant for them. Therefore, watermarks can be used alongside the brand logo to add another layer of security. So, watermarks appear in the form of images or patters added to the product label to identify the brand’s identity and the product offered.  

Designers of such anti-counterfeit labels often use the brand logo, name, or significant symbols to make the security label. However, many watermarks do vary invisibility, thus a need for organizations to educate their customers on the identification of watermarks. Therefore, it will ensure you don’t incur the losses due to counterfeited products. 

Hot Stamping Hologram Anti Counterfeit Label Custom Business Labels Stickers


Holograms are another way of making anti-counterfeit labels that protect the brand and the product as a whole. People often confuse holograms and holographic, and the truth is that the two differ significantly. Formation of hologram occurs on the interface of a light beam that originates from a more intensive light source or light beams. On the other hand, patent foil material used when printing sticker labels and tags are what we refer to as holographic. Many companies are now using 3D holograms because they can carry different data forms alongside item tracking features.  


Microtexts another trading method of making anti-counterfeit labels because there are safer compared to other forms. Firstly, Microtext appears in terms of tinny codes, texts, or even symbols that can only be extracted using special machines. It’s not easy to see these codes using your naked eyes, thus blocking away counterfeits. Furthermore, micro texts can be placed on larger texts, design elements, or overt images, and it will be hard do know if they exist leave alone replicating them. Therefore, Microtexts are suitable if you plan to hide the security from the eyes of the counterfeiters. 

DNA Markings 

As technology keeps advancing, counterfeiters take steps to ensure their survival even if buying the necessary machines. However, the current DNA marking anti-counterfeit technology is new to the market, and not many companies are offering it. Generally, it’s considered the most reliable option because it’s not a simple task to simulate or reproduce the DNA sequence. Furthermore, courts access DNA as forensic evidence, making it more comfortable whenever you want to claim your product or brand name.  

Anti-counterfeiting Security Inks 

Under this section, you’ll realize that there are some anti-counterfeit labels designed with security inks. They are handy because usually, you can judge them as just ordinary colors, but in reality, they contain certain security information about the product.  

HP Indigo Electroink Yellow & Blue 

From the standard yellow and blue color, you can use a defend UV light to create your unique serial numbers. Furthermore, the ink is available only on yellow & blue, UV light, LED lights, and black lights. Taking advantage of the electronic, you can easily serialize your label with a code that can’t be detected by the naked eye.  

Security Anti Counterfeit Hologram Strip Custom Printed Sticker Labels With QR Code

Rainbow Secure 

The use of rainbow secure anti-counterfeit labels is common among privately owned businesses and governmental bodies. Rainbow safe use of infrared to convert pigments into serial numbers; however, it produces colors that are not visible by the light spectrum, meaning naked eyes can’t read it. The only way you can crack the code is to use a unique device turned on the rainbow secure ink frequency.  

Sherlox End-To-End Authentication 

The partnership between HP Indigo and AuthetixTM resulted in the formation of a robust and most secure anti-counterfeit system known as Sherlox End-To-End Authentication. This system gives you endless possibilities as far as customization of your security labels is concerned. Therefore, it means that you can create a unique authentication marker to use on your products. However, the most fantastic feature of these systems is that verification can be done via mobile scanner besides getting access to cloud-stored information about the product of interest. Also, you’ll find ways of overcoming counterfeit labels.  

GoSure Machine-Readable Taggant-Ink 

As you manufacture your products, you’ll have to distribute them to the consumers. However, during this process, anything can happen, and in case people consume your product, you’ll be held accountable. Therefore, you need contingency measures to ensure you are never caught unaware. GoSure Machine-Readable Taggant Ink seals security information but ensures the consumer can get up to date information about the authenticity of the product. However, it’s a must that they use a special reader that softly flash then beep.  

Protected Track & Trace Solutions 

From the name, these anti-counterfeit labels allow you to track and trace your products as they are distributed. You’ll notice that this option gives you more capabilities that will protect your business against counterfeiters.  

HP Link Technology 

Using such technology to craft a unique identity to your products, you’ll be able to track your product along the supply chain. However, you can choose to use hidden codes or that which can easily be seen. Furthermore, manufacturers can restrict geographical limits and scan restrictions alongside other abilities to control your product.  

ATT-Titanium Security 

Locking for the best way to authenticate, trace, and track your items, well using ATT-Titanium Security, can prevent them from falling into the wrong hand. It comes with a Seal-Vector code that deteriorates whenever it is copied; it also comes with bar code and serialization number. Whenever customers purchase a product, they receive serialization number barcode that can be opened using a smartphone or optical adapter. 


Companies who use FiberTag anti-counterfeit labels obtain a 2D serialization code, which can also be used for tracking it. Furthermore, one the fiber tag serialization code has been generated, it will be sent to an internet database for ProofTag, thus restricting its editing. Now, provided, you have connected to the internet, and you have pone, you’ll be all okay. Finally, the FibreTag seems to be the best quality as it also plays the role of a tamper-proof seal. 


These are among the common ways of making anti-counterfeit labels. However, it’s also good to know if there are traces of heavy chemicals used on metals. However, if you choose the best method, you’ll be able to protect your brands, products, and consumers.