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hologram sticker is an excellent communication tool that allows your logo to always present itself professionally. Among the variety of different types of stickers, each one offers a different communicative power. However, the message is what you care about the most. Thus, the sticker has to convey both the style and the meaning of the creator.

To achieve such a persuasive union, understanding how to make your hologram sticker is essential. Aesthetics play an important role in the final result, but it’s not the whole story. Besides, aesthetics can be the least effective influence in crafting the right sticker for you.

How to make custom DIY stickers online

Creative brands, business owners, and influencers all over the world create their stickers for commercial and private purposes by creating an image and using an online printing service. Each service may or may not provide the user with different tools to create an image or adapt it to the adhesive base.

A popular option to create the original image to upload to one of those printing services is Abobe Illustrator. If you just want to isolate an image from the background, uploading the image on Adobe Illustrator can be the quickest way to do it.

Select the size of the sticker and arrange the image to position it in the most appropriate position. From the menu list on the top bar, select Image trace.

A new panel will pop-up to let you choose different options along with the instant preview of the final result. Adjust the settings and pick a selection tool to isolate the image. Sliders let you round up the corners and other values until you click Expand.

Once you obtain the main path, delete what is not necessary, and put the color back on full view. To complete this step, from the Effects menu or the top bar, select Recolor Artwork. You can select new colors and create different versions of your images.

A similar program is Adobe Photoshop, which offers numerous options. However, to get a holographic effect, a special tool, code, or plugin is necessary. As the printing machines need different inputs to create satisfying holographic effects, various file versions may be required.

How we create hologram stickers

Our company specialized in creating high-quality designs. We opt for professional methods, which require experience in photo editing software and several adjustments to eliminate the smallest defects.

The procedure to optimize an image starts with the correction of technical imperfections. Any digital image may need corrections due to the size or basic light exposition. As we can create stickers from virtually any image, we care for the quality of the image before we even begin to modify it.

Next, we deal with aesthetic imperfections. When working on a photo or an image, we look for not appealing details that overall spoil the main picture. For a sticker, the main design conveys the client’s message, so it is critical that we provide advertisers, e-commerce site managers, and influencers with a clear-cut image or symbol that speaks to their audience.

Finally, we adjust the composition to allow for the most interesting holographic effect. Shifting an image or a detail of a few mm can give the final image an edge or more attractive look. However, we like our clients to decide. Ultimately, no design depends on aesthetics alone. Besides, we care for our customers. They can chat with us about their motive(s) or purpose(s) to fully engage with their realization process.

We have private and business clients all over the world and we came across several needs. We adapt to the customer’s main objective to create a design that is both meaningful, direct, and practical.

Hologram sticker service for custom labels and packaging

Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd has over ten years of experience in dealing with using the latest printing technologies to provide our customers with the more appropriate solutions. If you want to buy a hologram sticker for your brand or company, you will find that our company has a wide range of standard designs, as well as different solutions for size, format, and customers’ needs. Contact us today to get a free quote on our hologram sticker service!

Stickers and labels for your advertising campaign

Spread brand-new ideas, slogans, and advice! Personalized stickers provide companies with a tool of a bigger impact that instantly captures the attention of the recipient. Customized solutions allow you to reach a very broad audience of potential buyers or followers. The stickers, being discreet and versatile, are widely used and appreciated by a younger audience.

The personalized stickers are ideal for effective and convenient communication. They adapt to various contexts: from the social event of your organization to the self-promoting stickers that business owners attach to the windows of their business.

A hologram sticker adds creativity to your promotional message. Marketers know that advertising is one of the keys to success: outdoor stickers open up a world of possibilities. You choose the best paper, sizes, and formats to convey your message more effectively, so why should you not order personalized stickers based on your needs?

How to design a hologram sticker?

Create your online layout. Design your personalized stickers by choosing from the various pre-made solutions. You can choose among a collection offered by our online typography. You will find numerous models that will help you set up your creation. Develop an advertising product that best suits your marketing and promotion needs.

Get creative with remarkable formats that will immediately attract the attention of your customers. Create impactful, fun, and original advertising messages. Use them to print your stickers directly online.

Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd guarantees you affordable, durable, and high-quality products. Above all, we provide a wide choice of formats, models, and dimensions. On our e-commerce you can choose, step by step, the shape, and size you want to give to your sticker and order the quantity you need.

Do you need to realize a more complex pattern or image on your stickers? Our Customer Service is available via email, phone, and any social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more! Send us a request now, and you will receive a free quote for our hologram sticker service.

We provide one stop printing&package solution more than 20 years!

Focus on alll kinds of labels , hologram stickers, adhesive labels, void labels and packing boxes.

Get your hologram sticker quickly and easily today!

  1. Select the most appropriate image for your hologram sticker. Envision how you would like the final product to look like. What visual effect is most important to your business? How do you want your customers to feel when seeing your stickers? You either need to prepare an image or to communicate clearly the desired image and effect to our team of designers.
  2. Fill in the contact information details to receive a free quote. Describe the quantity and the quality of the product you seek to create for your brand. Send us an inquiry now to receive an email in the next 24 hours with the instructions to create your custom hologram sticker. You can also chat with us online on our website or through our social media channels.
  3. Upload the correct format design file (PDF/AI/CorelDraw files). We advise you to view the explanation for the optimal preparation of the files you find in the email. Our team of designers will help you find the right image for your stickers. Choose the pattern and design that better suits your business needs.
  4. Receive a free sample to judge the quality of your stickers. Once you are happy with the prototype, we will send you a free sample for you to feel how the final sticker will look and perform. You can test it out and make sure it meets your requirements. Our free sample will let you quickly appraise our high-quality standards.
  5. Enjoy and profit from your hologram stickers! Confirm the order and receive your stickers to enhance your brand, products, parcels, and store! Increase your advertising potential and share your ideas. Once the receive the payment confirmation, your stickers will ship as soon as possible to let you use them and get the best bang for your bucks!

Sticker printing: Quality and Features

When creating adhesive products, the final use makes all the difference: for outdoor use, more resistant material is recommendable. A higher density product can withstand bad weather and atmospheric events.

Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd provides stickers for indoors and outdoors. Our company can provide you with several types of stickers: print and removable stickers, stickers intended for extreme climates, and even wearable stickers. Our team of designers will gladly meet your quality requirements.

Browse our custom label section for more information on the latest technologies available for your hologram sticker. Customers choose the size! Anywhere from a minimum of 5 mm to a maximum of 16 cm is fine!

The different shapes help to provide your brand with the right first impression. Professional stickers can also provide customers with QR codes for product information, extra discount, a guarantee of originality, and many other purposes.