Everything You Need to Know about Holographic Labels in 2022


Big organizations, departmental stores, electronic item manufacturers and other business departments are always concerned about the security of their products. Due to this concern holograms and holographic labels are getting more and more popular. In actual words, holograms and holographic labels are revolutionizing the whole world. As it is used in Medical & Military field, the art department, for storing information, and due to its complex structure and design, it is highly preferred in the commercial security market.

Factory custom printing logo round hologram sticker sheet

That being said, a big question arises in mind and that is – how holographic labels and holograms actually work? Who manufactures this incredible creation? You don’t have to scratch your head anymore as we will be providing you all the information right here in this article. You will learn what hologram actually is, how holographic labels works, how they are produced and which manufacturing company is the best and is dominating the holographic labels market. So, without further ado let us begin.

What Is a Hologram?

A hologram is nothing but an image that is printed on a 2D surface, but it is designed in such a way that viewers see it as a three-dimensional image. The practice and making of holograms are called holography, where holo’ means whole and graphic’ means- writing. Essentially it means a full picture. Security labels typically use holographic foil to giving out a 3D effect.

You may be thinking right now that making a hologram is a very complex process right? Well, you got to check out the next paragraph where you will discover how easily holograms are made. Get the most out of it by sticking into the process.

How hologram is made?

As mentioned before, a hologram is s 3 dimensional that is presented on a 2D surface. The photograph is produced by the interference of two laser beams. A laser emits light, the color of the light may vary according to the wavelength. When a shutter is activated it either blocks the light ray or lets it pass through this is where the beam is split into two at a 90-degree angle.

Now, as you know that the laser splits the beam into two, one beam is called “reference beam” which is radiated directly onto the film. The second beam is reflected off the particular object that you want to make a hologram of.

When these two beams intersect each other it creates a pattern which is called an interference pattern. The interference of the two beams can be clearly seen on the screen, it has very defined fringes. Now, the beam needs very high stability. Why? Because the pattern of interference is projected on the screen is extremely sensitive to tiny vibrations, a little disturbance on the table can easily spoil the ultimate image.

Once that is checked, an undisturbed reference pattern is obtained and is recorded onto the film. And finally, when the film is developed, you can see the whole image of the object as a 3D module.

Now let us dive into the next topic which will cover a comprehensive study of holographic labels from what it is, where it is used and who is manufacturing these elements in bulk.

What are Holographic Labels?

Holographic Labels are a type of label that carries information about a particular product of a brand as well as its security and authenticity. Holographic labels are highly trendy and typically come in attractive color combinations, unique styles and patterns that virtually contain important content and not to mention it is impossible to plagiarized or copy.

The holographic labels can be customized with the below-mentioned inks –

Thermochromic ink – It is a type of dye that can change its color when you alter the temperature externally. It is used in the manufacturing of thermometer, toys and product packaging. Thermochromic material is also found in LCD screens.

UV ink – It consists of fluorescent compounds that can be seen under ultraviolet light. Commonly used in security situations to either identify a belonging or prevent from being reproduced or plagiarized.

Uses of Holographic Labels

Holographic labels can be used for multiple and important occasions here below are the four most common use of holographic labels.

#1. Authentication

 Holographic labels are frequently used in identification purposes. There are a number of occasions where you will require a holographic label in order to establish yourself as a brand or the owner of a particular product. For example – ID cards, credit/debit cards, session passes, documents, commercial products and many more.

#2. Enhancing your brand

In order to increase the perceived value and overall perception of the products, big companies like Intel and Microsoft and many other uses holographic labels.

#3. Brand Protection

There is no doubt in saying that holographic labels are a security for your products and for an overall brand. You can personalize your labels and give it a unique pattern so that it can never be replicated.

#4. Packaging and promotions

Holographic labels on a product make it stand out from a crowd plus it gives a direct message that the manufacturing company is quite responsible and sincere for their service. Thus increasing the credibility among customers.

Now, once you have figure out some of the most common aspects where holographic labels are used in everyday life, it is time for you to understand what features does it hold within itself.

Features of Holographic labels

Guangzhou factory customized round gold laser security hologram sticker

Skilled experts and manufacturing companies like LG-Printers make use of the latest technologies and take great precautions when it comes in making holographic labels, they make sure that labels are:

Premium quality

Unique and exclusive


Heat resistant

Strong adhesive

Attractively patterned

Containing eye-catching color combinations

Visually appealing

Differently shaped


Differently sized

Impossible to replicate


Tamper evident

Economically priced

Some everyday use products where Holographic labels are used

Golden colour 3D effect dot matrix hologram sticker label printing

Holographic labels are commonly found and used on almost all kinds of products in today’s time period. Following are a few everyday items where holographic labels can be found:

Mobile Phones boxes

Kids Toys


Gift Vouchers


Plastic Items


Tin Boxes

Industrial Usage of holographic labels

Printing custom 3D security hologram sticker Holographic label

Currently, Holographic Labels are majorly utilized by different types of industries today. Here below is a list of the industries are using labels smartly:




Pharmaceutical Industries


Stationery Industries

Food and Beverage Industries

Toy Industries

Machine Industries

Hardware Industries

Blister and Other Packaging Industries

Metal Industries

Plastic Industries

Glass Industries

Automobile Industries

Chemical Industries

Appliance and Equipment Industries

Paint Industries

Electronics Industries

Now, let us see which manufacturing company is providing these incredible elements to these many different kinds of industries.

LG Printing – A top-notch holographic labels manufacturing company

Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company located in China. Their factory area is about 1500 meter squares, which includes offices and workshops and have a total number of 80 as a working employee.

LG Printing is working on holograms, packing label printing and security label printing nearly for 20 years now. Moreover, the main technicians of research & development and production workers have more than 10 years of experience.

About the Production Process Equipment in LG Printing

LG Printing has its own production process equipment which includes:

Two sets of hologram printing machines

Two sets of color printing

Seven sets of holograms stamping and cutting

Two sets of gluing machines

One set of digital numbers printing

One set of invisible UV printing

One set of quality control machines

That being said, LG Printing serves multiple industries that are using holographic labels today, be it electronics, health care products, cosmetics, food, and many other industries.

LG Printing is dominating the market and has been widely recognized by many big countries, some of them include South America, North America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the list goes on.

The primary reason for gaining such popularity is because LG Printing strongly prioritizes in safeguarding the products and overall brand from the black marketers.

The manufacturing company believes and has only one motive from the very beginning and that is the security of its customers. When a company takes the security of its customers as a priority, it’s always a good sign for all the customers and potential customers as well. Moreover, they also claim and guarantee that their label is tamper-proof, original and really impossible to be duplicated.

Now, let us take a glance at their products and services –

Custom make your own logo 3D hologram sticker with free design free sample

Custom Product Type –

1: Hologram Sticker


2D/3D hologram

Electron-beam lithography hologram

Flip Flop hologram

Kinetic images

Concealed images

Numbering/barcode/QR code printing hologram

Computer-synthesized 2D/3D and 3D images

Invisible UV logo hologram

Dot-matrix hologram

2: Security Hologram Stamping Label

3: Adhesive Label

Material included:

Glossy paper

Thermal paper

Matte paper

Fragile paper

Metallic gold

Metallic silver

Synthetic paper

Foil paper

4: Custom R & D Services

With the professional and experienced research and development team, LG Printing can help your brand if the existing technologies are not meeting the needs. It can provide services like –

Enhance your company’s brand image

Enhance the beauty of product packaging

Tracking products identification model security

Contact Details –

It is very easy to contact the LG Printing Manufacturing Company as they have 24×7 customer services available and provide different ways of communication.

Tel. +86-18820014180

Fixed Line +86-020-2989542

Email info@lg-printing.com

Website https://www.lg-printing.com/

Address Time E-Park, No.239 Gaotang Road, Tianhe District, 510663, Guangzhou, China.