Brand Story

As we all known,

Papermaking and movable type printing are all one of the four greatest inventions in China.

The paper made from plant fibers invented by Cai Lun has a profound impact on the development of the world paper industry and the spread of human culture.

The movable type printing technique invented by Bi Sheng, also known as plate-checking printing technique, has promoted the spread of human culture.

China is the first country to invent movable type printing technique in the world.

A Papermaking B movable type printing

A The invention of papermaking:

Providing economical and convenient writing materials for human beings, setting off a human civilization. The carrier revolution;

B The invention of block printing:

Greatly promoted the spread of human culture.


In the 1960s, laser holography technology came out, and then a 3D holography developed rapidly in the world.

Subsequently, holographic anti-counterfeiting has also gained new development and application .


With the fast development of the times, there are more and more faker and counterfeit products.

In 2001, Our chairman established factory in Guangdong Province,

To contribute China’s Domestic market fight against counterfeiting.


In 2015, established Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd Located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou city, China.

As branch office to independently develop the international market.

We are committed to provide great one-stop anti-counterfeiting package printing service for all overseas customers.


In 2021,

Within our 20th anniversary ,

We have already service more than 100000+ China companies and 5000+ overseas customers ,to hep them prevent and stop copy problem.


We have success develop a SAAS once code one products platform and verify system. and responded well from customer and marketing.

We are committed to be a modern enterprise from designs, production, software, and services.

We Specialized in Custom one stop anti-counterfeiting package printing and Intelligent digital service.

Our brand

“LG Printing” means Leader to Great Printing


a GOOD heart
a GREAT career
a GENUINE product
a GREEN world

with a GOOD heart to create GREAT career, to defend a Genuine Products & Green world.

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