Are Hologram Labels Safe

Counterfeits attack brands to impair their reputation. Hence, business organizations look for the most updated holographic procedures to offer the anti-counterfeit protection. The hologram stickers are worth mentioning in this regard as they are used on a wide scale in various sectors for preventing the imitation and duplicity of the actual product.

Printing custom 3D security hologram sticker Holographic label

Hologram labels are equipped with laser technology, which cannot be duplicated, electronically scanned or copied by any sort of printing technique. In the present times, they have gained high prominence in offering better defense against the counterfeits.

These products play an integral role in protecting the documents and brand. They are regarded as the best solution for combating product diversion, duplication, and counterfeiting.

Opt for customized hologram labels for protecting the reputation of the brand

Whether you are going to sell music DVDs, or computers or any other product, you have to ensure that you are not selling counterfeits and copies as it might cause damage to the reputation of your business. According to statistics, every year, a wide assortment of businesses suffers losses of millions of dollars owing to theft, resulting in shrinkage of profits.

Counterfeit products also cause immense damage to your business by destroying its integrity. You can protect the integrity of your company by choosing hologram labels, which feature customized prints for your brand.

In addition to preventing alteration or replication, they play an indispensable role in avoiding the risks of theft, owing to the presence of tamper-evident seals. Hence, these products are also beneficial in gaining the trust of your potential audience.

Hologram labels of credit cards

The objective of hologram stickers is making thefts and forgery challenging and preventing counterfeit attacks. Thus, they are used on a wide scale on credit cards. It is used on the banknotes, passports, as well as premium quality of products like electronics.

The holograms which are used on the credit cards are recognized to be multi-layer images that are known to be stacked and visible alternately at various viewing angles.

The advanced holograms boast of a resolution of almost 10 micrometers (mm) for every element which is made with the aid of costly dot matrix machines. Here, the computer is used for the generation of various patterns, with the use of different sets of algorithms.

However, it is possible to create a premium quality of holograms with the use of electron beam lithography. The holograms make use of sophisticated and top quality of micro-optical systems that are used in producing 0.1-micrometer resolution, which is equivalent to 254,000 dots, for every inch. Here, computer algorithms are used for the generation of design patterns.

What makes hologram stickers safe?

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A hologram label is recognized to be a three-dimensional image which is produced with the aid of a laser. With the tilting of the image, the object, present in the picture changes orientation and position, like a real object. Few holograms are known to be patterns, instead of images.

The holograms make use of the patterns for hiding the image, which is invisible to the naked eye. Hence, you should ensure to read with laser or another kind of scanner. The hologram labels are beneficial for the storage of information which can be interpreted with the aid of laser only.

As it is very difficult to copy these products, they are considered to be an effective choice for the verification of authenticity. Various companies make use of holographic labels for showcasing their brand image. Hence, they provide the customized hologram stickers which feature tamper-proof security.

Another prominent feature of these products is that they are resistant to tampering. Thus, if anyone attempts to peel them off from the product, the label is going to come apart and get damaged in a way that it cannot be reused again.

At times, few of the holograph material might remain on the product whereas the remaining part of the sticker will be peeled away, thereby leaving a pattern of checks, dots, or works like void across the product’s surface. Hence, it is easy to detect the tampering and prevent theft as well as unauthorized return attempts.

Reasons to use hologram stickers

Custom Flip Flop QR Code 3D Hologram Sticker With Security Verify System

Every time, you buy a luxury product, you are sure to get amazed by the intriguing and enticing packaging of the product. As you continue to unwrap every layer of the specific packaging, you become more excited. The packaging is considered to be a perfect and excellent choice for improving the visibility and brand awareness of the product. All the leading brands across the world feature outstanding packaging.

With the steady rise in social media, eCommerce, and IoT, the packaging is gaining high popularity for showcasing the product and improving the reputation of the brand. Businesses make use of various types of packaging formats for making the products more attractive and saleable.

The hologram stickers contribute to being the best innovation in the field of packaging. This technology makes use of interference of light beams for creating 3D images. While they were invented in the year 1980, they have gained a high reputation over the last several years and there has been extensive growth in the use of these products for packaging.

Applications of hologram labels

Here are some of the primary applications of hologram labels:

3D Hologram Serial Number Void Sticker

Military mapping

Geographic intelligence is recognized to be a crucial part of the military strategy where fully dimensional holographic photos are used for improving the reconnaissance. Thus, the holographic maps of the battle area are used by the solders for viewing the three-dimensional terrain.

It allows them to look around every corner. Hence, they offer the prerequisite assistance with the mission training. The company takes the complex computerized image data after which they create the holographic sheet.

Hence, the soldiers take a look into the 3D image of the terrain which has been stored in the hologram sheet. It is simple and easy to use this technology. Users can also roll the same up for hassle-free transportation and storage.

Medical field

Hologram stickers are also bringing a revolution in the medical field as these products can be used for viewing the patient data and training the surgeons and students as well. There are a plethora of medical systems which make use of complicated data with the aid of advanced imaging technology.

The electronic information is beneficial for displaying the flat image of the computer screen. In addition to this, it is also useful for producing three-dimensional holographic photos. As different images are stored in the hologram, the viewer can move around the display for examining various body parts and organs.

Storing information

Every year, a huge amount of data gets generated. The digital storage capacity is enhancing manifolds each year. The holographic photos play an integral role in this regard as the recording process is capable of storing various types of information about the light which is reflected from the recorded subject.

Holograms can record the pages, and data. They can store huge and bulk amounts of information. They are known to store the data in 3D and the pages can be overlapped in the storage space.

Security and fraud

Holograms contribute to being complicated optical devices which are very difficult to make. Thus, they have earned a high reputation and found extensive usage in the commercial security market. If you take a close look at the credit card, you will find that these products also have hologram stickers which are useful in displaying the 3D image.

It is possible to view the 3D image as you move from one side to the other. You will also be amazed to find a change in the color with the tilting of the cards in the upward and downward direction. They are also used on the banknotes for producing the set of changing colors which can be viewed on tilting the note.


At present, pioneer artists are making use of three-dimensional hologram labels for bending and cutting space. In addition to this, they are also beneficial in constructing visually solid objects of the same volume.

Improving the visibility of the product

In addition to offering the anti-duplication feature, they also provide a unique look to the product, thereby making it stand out in the market. They boast of light reflecting properties that grab the attention of the end-user.

Holographic stickers are used on a wide assortment of products as they provide flexibility while packaging. They are also known to be beneficial for encompassing digital security features such as barcodes, QR codes, etc.

They also add different layers of security to the product’s packaging. It is possible to customize these products, catering to your needs and preferences. Various kinds of hologram stickers are available in the market which includes

2D/3D LG Hologram Stickers

Tamper-Proof Hologram Stickers

Hologram Warranty Stickers

Promotional Hologram Stickers

Self-Adhesive Hologram Stickers

If you are looking for a suitable product to enhance the visibility of your brand and improve its reputation, you should opt for the hologram stickers without a second thought. They protect the products of your brand against theft and prevent losses. Thus, these products are effective in enhancing the return on investment of your business.