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'Unbelievable' fragile paper anti-counterfeiting labels, do you know?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-28
Everyone knows anti-counterfeiting labels, but do you know how many types of anti-counterfeiting labels there are? The diversity of anti-counterfeiting labels may be too much for you to imagine. So how much do you know about fragile paper anti-counterfeiting labels? You may ask: ;It is fragile, how can it be anti-counterfeit? The editor's answer is:; Nothing can be simply seen on the surface, don't understand it literally, it is mysterious and will make you puzzled. The editor won’t appetite for your appetites. Next, I will give you a good introduction to it and its function.

   First, let’s understand what a fragile paper label is:

   Which types of anti-counterfeiting labels do you know? The more common mobile phone digital products, the warranty sticker uses a kind of fragile paper material. How does this kind of fragile paper anti-counterfeiting label realize anti-counterfeiting? Everyone needs to know from the fragile paper materials and characteristics. The fragile paper anti-counterfeiting label is made of a very special anti-counterfeiting material. The anti-counterfeiting label made of this special material is more common with the fragile paper self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label, which is one of the self-adhesive labels. 1 kind.

  Secondly, its characteristics are as follows:

  1. The consistency of the logo: any kind of digital anti-counterfeiting logo is the only one; and only one-time full-process application, it is difficult for counterfeiters to counterfeit and recycle.

  2. Easy identification: customers can use the phone to enter the code number on the logo no matter when and where, and the computer system can automatically identify it, and you can see the authenticity and details of the manufacturer and the product Information, the process only takes tens of seconds.

  3. The unity of management: This anti-counterfeiting label can be applied to any type of product, using the widely spread mobile phone network to establish a regional anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting mobile network, monitoring and implementing unified management at any time.

  4. Extensibility of functions: In addition to product anti-counterfeiting, digital anti-counterfeiting will also provide corresponding service items to companies and enterprises. It can also play its unique and active role in combating smuggling, ticket management, and online marketing. Significantly reduce the cost of manual anti-counterfeiting.

  5. Reliability of anti-counterfeiting: It refines the anti-counterfeiting principles possessed by a number of high-tech methods. Even if the anti-counterfeiting person masters the production method of the anti-counterfeiting label, it is difficult to effectively imitate the anti-counterfeiting label of a certain product. It is not only difficult to produce and use in batches, but also the economic gain is not worth the loss, and time is not allowed. The transferability of technology and the counterfeitability of anti-counterfeiting marks are organically unified.

   Friendly reminder, the fragile paper sticker, as a special processing anti-counterfeiting material, has low tensile strength, is very fragile, has shrinkage and has corresponding requirements for temperature, humidity and storage period. In view of the fact that the surface material of fragile paper self-adhesive label has the characteristics of easy shrinkage, the processor should print it immediately after purchasing the material, and it is not suitable for long-term storage. If the surface material shrinks or the edge overflows during printing, it should be properly placed. Slow paper feeding speed to avoid excessive peeling force, which may cause material edge breakage and tearing.

   The above is the editor’s introduction to the fragile paper anti-counterfeiting labels. In fact, their use range is particularly wide, such as automobile electrical appliances, accessories, alcohol, food, medicine, mobile phone digital, telephone, computer accessories, cosmetics, Tickets etc. Is there a lot of chances to play? It’s because its tensile strength is very low, and it cannot be lifted up intact after being pasted, and it can only be used once, so it is very difficult to counterfeit, and most counterfeiters are I won't copy it. However, when you see this type of label when you are shopping, don't tear it off, otherwise you will pay for this kind of behavior.

Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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