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Types of Barcode Scanner

by:LG Printing     2020-04-06
Barcode scanners are now used in stores, bars, restaurants, warehouses and many more places where goods need to be priced checked and purchased. They have come a long way since they were first introduced and today many businesses will find that a barcode scanner is an integral piece of equipment that they cannot live without. So what are the main types of barcode scanner that you are able to choose from? LED - these scanners will take an image of the barcode and this will then be used to retrieve the information that is on the barcode. To operate these a trigger will have to be used to capture the image and this will then be fed into the computer which will get the necessary information. These scanners are quite old and they are not being used as often as they used to be. Laser scanners - these are one of the most popular types of scanner and these will shine a red laser that is very thin onto the barcode in order to read it. These are very accurate and you will not have to press a button in order to capture the image on the barcode. You will find that these scanners are incredibly cost-effective and that combined with their accuracy is why they are used in many different places all over the world. Imager scanners - these scanners will work in the same way that a camera does in that they will bounce light off the barcode and this will be captured in the eye of the scanner. This will then provide all the information that is contained within the barcode. These are useful as the barcode does not have to be orientated in any particular way in order for the scanner to be able to read it. 2D scanners -these have the ability to read bar codes that are two-dimensional and many businesses will use these. A 2D barcode scanner will use technology similar to an imaging scanner along with decoding software that will translate the image that it down into a legible price. As you would think there are advantages and disadvantages to every type of scanner that is on the market and it is down to the individual to decide which would be right for them and their business. Obviously you will be looking for a scanner that is highly accurate and likely to give you many years of faithful use. With this in mind you might want to start off with a laser scanner as these are incredibly durable and they are very popular in grocery stores and similar places as they can withstand items being drawn across them all day. The prices of these scanners will vary and you should choose one that will fit in with your budget, particularly if you have not used a barcode scanner before. So think about the different types that our available and see which one looks like it would be the most suitable for your individual business needs.
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