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Two-dimensional codes are increasingly recognized and accepted by the public, becoming a new trend of anti-counterfeiting traceability in the market and growing rapidly. qr two-dimensional codes have gradually become the mainstream development trend

by:LG Printing     2020-01-15
So how should enterprises use two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels? Two-dimensional code security standard has what advantage? The two-dimensional code self-adhesive label on the Net frame, encryption technology, safe and reliable, encryption of two-dimensional bar code is to use the world's leading combinatorial mathematics principle to link mathematics and cryptography, to all digitized information, for example, number, fingerprint, palmprint, photo, Iris, etc. are encrypted as initial data to generate a set of encrypted data files (That is, encrypted two-dimensional barcode). The core of the encryption operation is the encryption key, which is in the hands of the user. The data file encrypted by the user with the key pair (Encrypted two-dimensional barcode) Decrypt and read, recover into data mode, and compare with initial data to distinguish authenticity. In the meantime, the encrypted information capacity of the key is as high as 128 bits, which is actually undeciphable. At the same time, the data encryption technology is also linked to the existing data anti-counterfeiting technology, so that the application of encrypted two-dimensional barcode technology in the scope of documents is more reliable. The dimension code anti-counterfeiting label with strong anti-counterfeiting ability should have high data security and reliability, all information in the two-dimensional code cannot be changed, and has strong anti-counterfeiting ability. The two-dimensional code card technology based on pvc surface has been used in large quantities and for a long time in the United States, Philippines, South Africa and other countries. Pvc two-dimensional code card has a service life of at least 10 years. The two-dimensional code has a large amount of information and strong error correction capability. In terms of data collection and data transmission, the two-dimensional code has natural advantages. First of all, the storage capacity of two-dimensional bar codes can reach thousands of bytes, so it can be useful to store product information; Secondly, due to the selection of the preemptive error correction algorithm, in the case of some damage, the initial information can still be restored. Therefore, the use of two-dimensional bar codes to transmit information is safe, reliable, agile and convenient. Low cost, easy promotion, low cost of manufacturing two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels, information can move with the carrier, can not rely on database and computer network application, and has the benefits of confidentiality, strong anti-counterfeiting function, etc. Moreover, with the spread of WeChat, WeChat scanning two-dimensional codes has now become a habit of users. Using two-dimensional codes as anti-counterfeiting labels is conducive to interaction with consumers. Other Related introductions, according to the processing method of self-adhesive labels, their bronzing methods are divided into sheet-fed bronzing and roll-paper bronzing. Sheet-fed bronzing is the same as the traditional bronzing process and is processed on a special bronzing machine. Roll paper bronzing is completed on the label linkage machine and is the most widely used processing method. According to the annual report of medecaux, the income of mcc medecaux increased by 7. 1 billion to 6% dollars in the fiscal year from 2. 3 billion dollars last year, acquisition Revenue increased by 5% and organic revenue increased by 3%. The exchange rate caused income to fall by 2%. On the 30th anniversary of the listing of medioco, mcc medioco expects that mcc medioco's revenue will exceed 1 billion US dollars at this milestone. Label: printing manufacturer,
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