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Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting marketing platform to enhance consumer stickiness

by:LG Printing     2021-03-23
The QR code sales platform uses the technology of one thing, one code, and the two-dimensional code as a plasmid carrier to assign two-dimensional codes to the goods. It is convenient and fast to help companies quickly grasp the statistical data of consumer purchase behaviors, and maintain the relationship between enterprises and consumers Zero-distance communication between the two can increase the viscosity of commodity consumption.

   One, two-dimensional code marketing platform creates benefits

  1. Easy to use

   Two-dimensional code marketing platform construction, enterprises can according to the two-dimensional code marketing background management reminder, the role they need to set up, or they can customize the role according to their own needs, 1 minute to understand, 3 steps can make a service project, Simple and practical!

  2. Improve customer loyalty

   Two-dimensional code marketing platform can send red envelopes according to purchases, grasp the mental state of consumers like cost-effective, and actively engage consumers in the theme activities of sending red envelopes by QR code to mobilize consumers' impulse to buy. Let consumers pay later.

  3. Cost control

   The two-dimensional code marketing platform can be equipped with big red envelopes with main parameters. According to independent enterprises, it can solve a large number of big red envelopes, red envelope time, get red envelope groups and other information content, can prevent marketing failures and maintain controllable costs.

  4. Internet Marketing

   The two-dimensional code marketing platform can collect basic information of consumers and create customer portraits. When a company sells in the secondary market, consumers can make accurate pushes to grasp changes in the sales market and consumers.

  Second, the role that the QR code marketing platform can maintain

  1, anti-counterfeiting code query

   Two-dimensional code marketing platform construction, consumers can scan the two-dimensional code to instantly check the authenticity of goods, and improve the trust of enterprises in the hearts of consumers. In addition, companies can also control the price of goods to avoid damage to the company's brand image by regional agents.

  2. Anti-fleeing goods

   Two-dimensional code marketing platform, which automatically issues two-dimensional codes for each product in detail. Enterprises can check the freight logistics of goods anytime and anywhere to prevent goods from moving.

  3. Quality tracking

  Many consumers choose products to worry about product quality issues. The 315-year National Product Safety Investigation Center has built a two-dimensional code marketing platform to improve the company’s brand image. From the initial production of the product to the market sales, it is true and detailed Information content, consumer inquiries.

  4. Direct marketing

  Enterprises can immediately use QR codes for marketing and promote big red envelopes, that is, companies collect big red envelopes on the QR code marketing platform, lottery opportunities, group areas, such as information content, consumers can immediately scan the QR code to get red envelopes , Or clean the yard and follow the WeChat public to receive red envelopes, Moments forwarded to receive red envelopes, register WeChat to shake big red envelopes and so on.

   Internet marketing and big data integration of two-dimensional code, the famous brand products of the real-time capture status are sold in the national market, the creation of consumer Internet data, the use of big data analysis advantages platform data statistical analysis is conducive to the expansion and Docking, according to consumer insights and terminal equipment market, the needs of many consumers, to help companies maintain humanity, diversified marketing methods. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to call: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting provides you with one-stop service!

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