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Top Hologram Stamping In Registration In Gurgaon

by:LG Printing     2020-07-28

The Pantec CHEETAH™ is the world main net hologram insetting and sizzling foil stamping system relating to efficiency, in-line integration risk, operation economics in addition to process expertise. Holographic stamping foils are particularly suited to certificates, deeds and permits which are out there as varieties and then have to be customized. The issuer thus has clean types with the stamped hologram at hand that may subsequently be quickly and effectively printed using an inkjet or laser printer. Electroforming and recombining complete prepress process for mass production of holograms. Depend of task it maybe changing image from photograph-resist or plastic to metallic (nickel), or just steel-metallic copying.

When using good high quality foil, with all images equally spaced, this system will do a good job registering the pictures. However, with out the flexibility to compensate for spacing errors this system may have a registration error which is unacceptable. Another side impact of inaccurate spacing of the picture blocks is the creation of hole and overlap seams. These seams can create issues with optical sensors which can confuse seams with the registration marks on the foil.

Second, the hologram film is going to add a transparent protecting layer to your playing cards, which will add longevity to your cards and help forestall scratching. First, it allows you to add the hologram to the card.

Some holographic stamping specs are available for rush printing service. To inquire a couple of rush job, please e-mail artwork, print specs and desired completion date ASAP to If we’re in a position to accommodate your schedule we'll reply with pricing and extra prices for the frenzy. Rush black card printing is considered one of our specialties but please remember that each moment counts in a rush print schedule.

The foil is constantly fed into a vacuum box, the place it is vacuum buffered before getting into the excessive dynamic movement area. A save step drive pulls multiple foil streams from the in-feed buffer. The drives perform the stop and go motion profile based on the design. After stamping foil is either wound up or fed into the waste disposal suction system.

Holograms can be found in pre-designed configurations from the manufacturer. They are NOT customizable unless you're prepared to pay hundreds of dollars. If you would like a hologram, we've designs obtainable for you. But if you'd like your logo on the cardboard, you'll have to select from our two different options below.

A stamping foil is a very sensitive product and one must store it fastidiously in managed circumstances. We advocate storage in 25 degrees Celsius temperature and 65% Relative Humidity in a dry space.

Some jobs would require extra shifts and weekend work to complete on time so the value may be considerably greater than jobs on a daily schedule. This system puts the optical sensor outside the impression area to guard it from possible heat and crash harm. This system is simple to set-up, with minimal operator talent and waste.

In the picture above, the final 4 digits of the debit card have a silver foil stamp with a hologram printed over it. Credit and debit playing cards are perfect examples of sizzling foil stamping.

Splices inside a roll of holographic foil also can cause unexpected issues with waste and registration accuracy. Always ask your foil manufacturer to supply your holographic foil with no splices to lower the possibilities of any manufacturing issues. Hot stamping may be done on most paper and plastic substrates.
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