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Top Companies with holographic security stickers Products?



Top companies in the world used different holographic security stickers on their products. This is to enhance the authenticity of their products and security to avoid counterfeiting or replication. The holographic stickers produced at Guangzhou LG printing technologies cannot be copied by the use of any holographic method and are completely tamper-proof.

Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co deals with the production of holographic security sticker products. It's one of the top companies in the world that manufactures holographic security stickers. The company is committed to ensuring that your products are secure and free from counterfeits and privacy. We are committed to meeting our clients' needs at all costs. As such, we value technology to guide us through ensuring your needs are met satisfactorily.

holographic security stickers 

All holographic security sticker products manufactured by LG printing technology are personalized and of high security. The holographic security sticker products you buy from us will be resistant to counterfeits, and also have improved quality and presentation. The technology at LG printing technology enables us to produce bulk holographic security stickers; this has helped us to serve both corporate and personalized clients' demands. Call us today to get your free samples alternatives to go to our website and request a free sample.

The type of holographic security sticker products produced in our company has the following attributes:

They can't be reproduced using a photocopier

They cannot be scanned using a computer

They enhance the general appeal of the package

They improve customer brand awareness

They provide quick optical authentication


Why trust Guangzhou LG printing technologies

The kind of holographic security stickers created by us has a unique effect that is entirely different from any other company. We specialize in both commercial and personalized holographic security stickers.

We are certified by various entities like printing corporations and regulators, among others. Some of the certificates we have include EMTEK international quality systems certificate, patent certificates, different production, and technology certification. All these are a sign of our commitment to quality and maximum security guaranteed by us. Visit our website to find out more about us and how we can satisfactorily meet your needs.

Before you purchase our stickers, we offer you free samples that you can order from our website so that you aware of the product before the bulk purchases are made. We also allow our customers to design their holographic security stickers then send it to us for printing and a few adjustments.

Since 2015 we have supplied our holographic products in large companies, business enterprises, and even personalized designs. We also specialize in small bunches of holographic security sticker products. We have a professional team with vast experience ready to offer professional and advice on the existing printing options and give you the appropriate feedback regarding deliveries, security sticker's sizes, and unique materials and designs. Our professional team is dedicated to meeting the tailored needs of your company, supporting the implementation process to the final production stage.


Key competencies

Brand and product piracy causes a lot of financial damages to companies and leads to extensive losses and job displacements. This affects the entire economy. At Guangzhou LG printing technologies, we fully understand this, and we have implemented various innovative concepts, individual protection plans to offer the last buffer to your problems. We are also meeting these challenges through measures we have taken to prevent your products from being tapped by grey market dealers and other counterfeiting activities. Using state of the art technological facilities, we specialize in designing and developing our products uniquely than any other competitor.

When ensuring our client's products are free piracy and counterfeit we are focussed on meeting the following objectives and goals

· Developing of Effective measures against grey market activities and counterfeiting

· Clear differentiation between originals and counterfeits

· Optimum grey-proof track & trace technologies

· Security concepts tailored to industry-specific needs

· Maximum product and brand protection with state-of-the-art concepts


We guarantee our clients the following:

Warranty protection

The product label of our company shows that our holographic security products are original. Our labels are durable and made to withstand severe conditions. Any attempt to manipulate our labels is easily noticeable. This will guarantee your product safety at all times. Our warranty protection exists to minimize grey and black market activities. The purpose of our warranty is also to ensure anyone liable for counterfeiting our customers' products is responsible for any rising damages.



We provide consultation on the latest innovations, product protection, and customized holographic security sticker products. Our sticker products are perfectly tailored to meet your specifications and needs.

Smart and secure

Our holographic security sticker products ensure our clients' products are guaranteed maximum security and safety, free from counterfeit or copying.


Quality assurance

We guarantee comprehensive protection to our client's products, and we ensure our stickers adhere to the highest qualities and services. Piracy and counterfeiting are highly unnoticeable, and so it's empirical that the security manufactured is legit and authentic. With over ten years' experience in the field of anti-piracy and counterfeit protection, we are committed to ensuring your products are secure from any gravy or black market activities. Our holographic security sticker products ae dynamic to ensure no company matches us in terms of security.


Our services

We offer a full range of holographic security sticker products for commercial and non-commercial uses. We also designed the products to meet your needs purposefully. We value you as our customer, and as such, we are committed to making your experience awesome every time tome you purchase products from us. We are equipped with state of the art facility to ensure we manufacture only original and authentic stickers that are unique compared to our competitors.


The following are the holographic security sticker products developed by our company.

Hologram sticker

These are labels printed on holograms. They are available to boost the security of your products. These holograms are made in such a way that they are easily noticeable in the case of counterfeit or interference.

Our holograms are classified according to the level of security inscribed in them. Despite the classification, we offer quality hologram stickers. All the available stickers are above the standards compared to other products.

Our hologram stickers are also available for customization, depending on your needs and the level of security you would wish to be guaranteed.

Some of the holograms offered include flip flop hologram. Concealed images, among others, to view our full hologram stickers, kindly visit our website and see for yourself a fantastic array of hologram stickers.


Security hologram stamping label

At Guangzhou LG printing technologies, we are committed to rapid technological innovation that is focussed on making sure that the holographic security sticker products manufactured are of high quality and increase the level of security sophistication.

Our innovation has enabled us to develop a security hologram stamping label that incorporates adhesive labels and 3D hologram — this one of the latest innovations that will guarantee your product security at all costs. The combination enriches the diversity and sophistication of the label. The level of protection in Hologram stamping Label is greatly improved while ensuring the product is environmentally friendly and committed to security upgrades.

Feel free to visit our website to find out more about these products. Our professional team will be available at any time to ensure we enlighten you more about this product.


Adhesive label

This label is also known as a self-adhesive label. The material is made of materials that are back coated with adhesive. There is a wide range of adhesive labels in our stores, and to find out more about the classes of this product available, visit our website promptly for more guidelines.

Custom R&D service


Our company is committed to research and development to ensure that our clients' needs are met satisfactorily. Our research and development team is committed to promoting the brand, packaging, and tracking of your products. We help you develop a procedure to ensure your products are free counterfeit.


Purchasing steps

In case you are interested in our products, visit our website to find out the amazing products we offer you. Visit us on https://www.lg-printing.com

Here are some of the steps to find your products on our website, alternatively you can find the steps from the link posted to find your perfect holographic security sticker product.


Sending: this involves you, our client visiting our website, and sending us a request to have us manufacture for your holographic security sticker products.


Create: at this stage, we confirm with you whether we can customize your design. Alternatively, we aim to have our professional guide you through the whole process.


Sample: Once satisfied with the design, we will develop a sample and send it to you for further confirmation.


Order: when satisfied with your sample, you can order for your sample online since our systems are fully automated to facilitate online orders and any other transaction.


Payment: you can pay for your product via your credit and debit card.


Production: after your payments, we will manufacture your holographic security sticker products based on the volume ordered and your listed specifications.


Shipping: After production, we will ship the products to your destination.


After-sales: we are always keen to confirm the level of our customers' satisfaction, and as such we will offer you an array of after-sales services. The safety of pf your products is our key focus. Ensure you purchase your first class security stickers from our company.

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