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Today, the development of two-dimensional codes is very popular, especially shopping scanning two-dimensional codes for payment, which has become very popular in streets and alleys. And now

by:LG Printing     2020-01-27
Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label, two-dimensional code from the emergence to the rise is a very short process, may be due to its convenience, may also be due to the emergence of new anti-counterfeiting mode, the old naturally replaced. Of course, today's two-dimensional codes are not just anti-counterfeiting. The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label technology has five major functions, namely: anti-counterfeiting inquiry, two-dimensional code anti-smuggling management, two-dimensional code points lottery, two-dimensional code traceability, and two-dimensional code with marketing functions. What are the functions of variable two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels? At present, most of the common two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels are variable two-dimensional codes, one object and one code. There are anti-smuggling goods, points lottery, anti-counterfeiting traceability, page marketing, etc. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting can not only realize the inquiry of authenticity, but also realize the function of marketing interaction, such as a series of marketing functions such as our commonly used scratch cards and points lottery. Two-dimensional code can be variable data or the same data. The main purpose of user marketing activities is mobile phones. Scanning the two-dimensional code of an enterprise to the cloud platform to realize the exchange of member points and points is a popular marketing mode. Through the integration of return profits, attract new customers and stabilize old customers. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label application what are the applications of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting traceability label? The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting traceability system refers to the use of the two-dimensional code information storage encryption feature to ensure the safety of cargo information, refine the production process for each key control point, and clarify the responsibility of each key link, complete the safety and quality management mode of 'production records and process traces. After scanning the two-dimensional code, consumers can obtain the production date, production location and commodity information, thus completing the traceability of commodities. The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting traceability system not only allows consumers to purchase with confidence, but also solves the problem of anti-counterfeiting traceability. Enterprises can record raw material procurement, production process, destination, batch, manufacturer, production date and other production, logistics and channel information at any time through the two-dimensional code traceability system, and read and enter data in the form of two-dimensional codes. Improve the internal management efficiency and control force of the enterprise. If there is a product quality problem, the enterprise can trace it back to the person in charge of the same batch of products and quality problems by scanning the two-dimensional code of product packaging; Consumers can also scan and query product information to play a role in buying with confidence. The management data of the product traceability function of the easy identification anti-counterfeiting traceability system can provide a hybrid cloud cooperation mode, the core data is independently controlled by the enterprise, and the traceability function of the product process Display link is provided for consumers, enterprises can standardize the entry process. Most of our daily common two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels are mainly printed, and their beauty and safety performance are lacking, optical two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels and textured two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels have greatly improved visual beauty and product safety. 17 years of industry anti-counterfeiting experience, the government cooperates with anti-counterfeiting enterprises, and has undertaken anti-counterfeiting of various large-scale activities.
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