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Three commonly used anti-counterfeiting labels and advantages

by:LG Printing     2021-04-12
With the proliferation of fakes, many anti-counterfeiting labels have come into people's field of vision. Labels can be seen almost everywhere in daily life. We will also consciously check the logo when buying goods. Compared to products without a logo, the ones with the labels are more trustworthy. While providing anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting labels can also provide traceability, marketing and other functions. Some special labels can also enhance the appearance of products and leave a deep impression on people. Here are three common anti-counterfeit labels.

   One, QR code anti-counterfeiting label

  1. The encrypted QR code has low cost and is easy to advance: You can see the QR code online and offline, which is easy to advance, and the cost of another QR code is low.

  2. Encrypted two-dimensional code has a large amount of information and strong error correction ability: encrypted two-dimensional code has natural advantages in data collection and data transmission. First, the storage capacity of a two-dimensional bar code can reach kilobytes to store information materials. Secondly, due to the advanced error correction algorithm, good initial information can be restored even if it is damaged. Therefore, the use of two-dimensional barcodes to transmit information has the characteristics of 100 meters, firmness, speed, and speed.

   2. Laser anti-counterfeiting label

  1, easy to understand. Plan our advanced anti-counterfeiting technology and printing technology to fully select the anti-counterfeiting signs printed, consumer identification, the choice of anti-counterfeiting labels per unit of time to use the understanding of anti-counterfeiting techniques, so that customers can easily identify, and counterfeiters can imitate.

  2, cheap and cheap. The anti-counterfeiting mark printed by our company is our proprietary holographic retrieval system, and it is also printed by the personal printing factory of our group company. Customers provide a wide range of economically cost-effective holograms that can be used.

  3. Good anti-counterfeiting effect. At present, due to the planning and printing of new anti-counterfeiting technologies in China, ordinary counterfeiters cannot imitate them because they do not understand the detailed technical methods selected, thus setting a high anti-counterfeiting threshold for counterfeiters.

  4. The painting should be exquisite. We have made a special holographic anti-counterfeiting mark plan software. The plan of a specially selected planner is first drawn exquisitely, and the transaction requirements are in accordance with the plan and meet the characteristics of the product. The customer expresses his own advantages and personality.

   3. Code anti-counterfeiting label

  1. The credibility of anti-counterfeiting: The anti-counterfeiting label is a concentration of the anti-counterfeiting mechanism of a plurality of high-tech techniques. , The counterfeiting of transferability and anti-counterfeiting technology cannot be completed.

  2. Ease of identification: Consumers enter the number to identify the authenticity via phone and text messages anytime and anywhere, and make investigations. The number can be independently identified by the computer, and the manufacturer, the authenticity of the company’s products, etc. can obtain relevant information. This process is convenient.

  3. The uniqueness of the label: any digital anti-counterfeiting mark can only be used once, and imposters cannot forge or reuse it.

  4. Functional scalability: In addition to the anti-counterfeiting of goods and the related services provided by online companies, my luck can impact, the management of tickets and other aspects, its common and active performance effects, manual operations that cannot be forged, can greatly lower costs.

  5. The unity of management: electronic code anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used in products of various industries, and the national telephone network is used to establish a national anti-counterfeiting network, which can be monitored at any time for unified management.

   The above content is the three commonly used anti-counterfeiting labels and advantages that we know today. Product companies can also express their own needs when choosing anti-counterfeiting labels, and anti-counterfeiting companies will also design according to customer needs and so on. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to consult: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is at your service!

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