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Thoughts on anti-counterfeiting and traceability of QR codes

by:LG Printing     2021-04-22
With the suspension of the use of the electronic supervision code, the construction of a new tracking system has become one of the current main points, and great attention should be paid. On December 30, 2015, the General Office of the State Council issued the 'Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Accelerating the Establishment of a Traceability System for Important ProductsAt the same time, in today's era of interconnection of all things, QR code is an effective method for direct access to the Internet, products and consumers, so it can connect the control of product raw materials, combat counterfeit and shoddy products, and track the trend of products. The powerful; weapon.

  ; QR code + open up new ideas for anti-counterfeiting traceability

  According to the data analysis of users who scanned the QR code, people in the 25-44 age group accounted for the majority. From a gender perspective, female consumers account for 54%, but the motivation for scanning the QR code is to get benefits and chances to win prizes. Similar data statistics and subsequent targeted design of QR code marketing applications. But the current QR code has certain flaws. For example, many QR code designs lack aesthetics and have limitations in attracting consumers. Moreover, the two-dimensional code itself is not anti-counterfeit and is easy to be copied. Therefore, how to achieve innovation in QR codes has become a top priority. Taking advantage of the current continuous heating; Internet + topic, introduction; QR code + concept to open up new ideas for anti-counterfeiting system traceability QR code.

   QR code + graphic beautification

   On the basis of the general two-dimensional code, add creativity and beautify the two-dimensional code graphics, such as color two-dimensional code, logo design two-dimensional code and deformed two-dimensional code. Every sightseeing is scanned and read, and the powerful vision attracts consumers to scan. At the same time, through software processing, the color can realize the quantification of the two-dimensional code ocean, allowing consumers to see a colorful two-dimensional code on a product, which greatly improves the code scanning rate of the product. By then, the rich creativity of personalized colors, QR codes, personalized product packaging and labels will bring us a new digital era packaging!

   QR code + visual code

   promoted a two-dimensional code + visual code system, allowing consumers to watch sports demonstrations with photos. Moving pictures, a picture moving is also scanned and read. Like the visual code, it is a thing that can optimize sightseeing now.

   QR code + traditional anti-counterfeiting

   By combining the two-dimensional code with the existing label anti-counterfeiting technology, the anti-counterfeiting level of a single label can be further improved. Make customer's counterfeit twilight labels, a set of cracked anti-counterfeiting labels in the middle, and the right side is finished with laser heating perm as an anti-counterfeiting method. The combination of two-dimensional code and traditional anti-counterfeiting means can better exert their respective advantages.

   QR code + invisible picture source

  's fully excavated digital printing technology also uses hardware advantages to combine its two-dimensional codes ingeniously, which can be used in anti-counterfeiting language. The combination of invisible image technology for sightseeing is a high-powered magnifying glass. Using this high-resolution inkjet printing technology, it is now possible to clearly print out the dot codes of high-definition invisible image sources. At the same time, it can also print Reid's lens code and invisible image source image, so that the lens image source technology can be extended to the code of a single object.

   The phenomenon of counterfeiting and shoddy is the focus of public concern for a long time. Nowadays, with the popularization of smart phones, the commercial application of QR codes has entered a stage of rapid development. One thing, one code can not only solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting traceability of modern enterprises, but also creatively implant marketing concepts into the system to build a new ecology of anti-counterfeiting traceability. Taking advantage of the historical opportunities of the Internet, we can take advantage of the trend and believe that the future market prospects must be very broad. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to call: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting provides you with one-stop service!

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