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Thin film material printing self-adhesive label items that should be paid attention to

by:LG Printing     2021-01-21

made of thin film adhesive material printing, label is the label industry development trend in recent years. Thin film materials label printing has more advantages than paper, and many film recycling and comprehensive utilization. Will now show you know the film class should pay attention to some problems when printing, in order to ensure the production conforms to the quality of products.

in terms of equipment required to install corona device, random processing film, increase the surface tension, guaranteed ink fastness; Transfer to install electrostatic eliminator, reducing static electricity as much as possible, to ensure alignment and feed; Advice can install printed materials cleaner, remove dust, avoid white spots, needle, etc; Ensure the accuracy of machine is good, to the rubber roller, plate, drying system have certain requirements.

for sealing, reduce dust production environment requires a printing shop. The workshop to have temperature and humidity control and air purification device, avoid to produce electrostatic, prevent dust contamination plate and ink layer, occurrence quality problem.

to use the feature matching with thin film of ink, namely using a dedicated ink printing film material. Suitable for paper printing ink is not suitable for thin film materials, printing ink should master before.

for material. For cutting and qualified, avoid face not neat, uneven tension and transverse permeability glue phenomenon.

the above is the printing film materials should pay attention to the problem of simple overview, in order to produce products that meet the quality standards, we must understand the relevant knowledge and pay attention to oh!

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