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The Way You Look and Feel Is 90% Diet - But It's

by:LG Printing     2020-04-12
You know the saying - 'You Are What You Eat'. Well, you are what you eat, you feel like what you eat, you look like what you eat, and you will AGE based on what you eat. So 'crap' is not how you want to be, feel, look, or age like, right? So what does your diet consist of? Americans have gotten somewhat smarter over the past few years, learning to read nutritional labels for calories, fat, sugar, protein etc. But somehow in the hype over 'low fat', 'sugar free', and the new buzz 'gluten free', we have forgotten about the NUTRITION that is actually on that label. You see, your weight and vitality has SOME relation to the number of calories you take in. We all have a number of calories our bodies will burn in a day and if we regularly exceed that number, we store the excess as fat. That's a given, something we all understand. But what you may not realize is that the way you look and the way your body stores or releases fat, has more to do with the TYPE of calories you take in than the number. We need to be more concerned with the quality of the food we consume, and the ratio of protein:fat:carbohydrates. Question: Which is a better choice for a snack between meals if you are trying to lose weight? a. 1/2 cup full fat unsweetened Greek yogurt with walnuts and blueberries - 250 calories b. 100 calorie snack bag of Oreos If you are following me, you know what I'm going to answer, right? It's the full fat Greek yogurt snack, not the empty sugar calories from the cookies! You will lose more weight, feel, look and AGE better if you focus on the TYPE of calories you consume, versus the NUMBER. With a focus on calories, points and the like, people tend to obsess over numbers, when they should really be focused on taking in good nutrition, and a variety of healthy foods. If you will keep your sugar intake to a minimum, you will find that your body is far more likely to release fat. The easy rule for losing weight is to consume LESS sugar and processed carbohydrates and MORE lean protein and veggies. Follow that 'diet plan' and you will feel, look, and age better than the majority of people who don't care that they are what they eat!
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