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The value of qr code anti-counterfeit labels and production

by:LG Printing     2021-03-01
Drive for profits, a lot of fake goods full of market, enterprise by its interference, consumers suffered more, it also makes a lot of companies have started to work with the security company, custom qr code anti-counterfeit labels to protect their own interests and consumers' rights and interests. Qr code anti-counterfeit labels is the wide application of anti-counterfeiting solutions. Because it has the function of marketing and printing production price is low, the advantages of not easy to be counterfeit and accepted by many enterprises. Then, carries an anti-counterfeit label for the qr code method is what? What value? The value of the qr code anti-counterfeit labels: < br />
< br />
1. Ensure quality: using the anti-counterfeit label products, began to reflect its quality and security, as well as the brand value, increase the product selling point, so as to better improve the purchase desire of consumers.

  2. Anti channeling goods: the anti-counterfeiting labels with a yard transregional system combining prevention, prevention of transregional phenomenon, can let enterprise to real-time control products, let dealers have no goods to flee, so that the good market environment, price stability, ensure that the interests of all parties were not damaged.

  3. Traces the source: have the blessing of the traceability system, the function of anti-counterfeiting labels to the next level, source can be traced back, go back, responsibility to investigate, enterprise itself may at any time to know whether there is any product quality problem, consumers also can understand the product source, at any time anti-counterfeiting labels to further improve the rubber seals on the product. Qr code anti-counterfeit label production process: < br />
< br />
1. Anti-counterfeit label design material generally includes enterprise brand logo, corporate name, number and other information to the public. According to customer requirements and needs, add a variety of anti-counterfeiting information on the label. Common anti-counterfeiting spends, anti-counterfeiting qr code, can also according to the security level to introduce different anti-counterfeiting materials, such as FangWeiXian, anti-counterfeiting watermark, prevent copying material, etc. In anti-counterfeit label design is completed, the customer for confirmation, after confirmation of anti-counterfeiting labels can be produced.

  2. Anti-counterfeiting label printing < br />
< br />
after the completion of the plate, wash away the dust on the plate and fingerprints plate, and then printed on the machine. After installation of the machine, color correction, until the color value, completely conform to the drawings or actual samples color label, so you can proceed to the label printing.

  3. Anti-counterfeit label code < br />
< br />
anti-counterfeit label data before printing, you need to use to print on the para carries an anti-counterfeit label for the software and the debugging, adjust the qr code to the corresponding position and the label, the process requires repeated debug and adjust parameters, until completely match. Import the print data, after the completion of debugging, to observe anti-counterfeiting label printing, printing of qr code recognition test, to ensure that the qr code identification. After the recognition, attention should be paid to this part of the qr code label. After the completion of the printing, also need to test of anti-counterfeit labels, one spray is incomplete, use marker to mark.

  4. Anti-counterfeiting scraping layer production < br />
< br />
anti-counterfeiting labels coating can generally silver or shave is black, and staff use fixed mould by artificial or mechanical coating after the completion of silver. If it needs to be printed, but also the need for secondary black.

  5. Anti-counterfeiting labels die-cutting < br />
< br />
anti-fake label routine generally is 2. 5 * 1. 6 cm rectangle or circle, elliptic, use the form a complete set of knife die anti-counterfeiting labels for die cutting. < br />
< br />
for consumers, anti-counterfeiting labels have high recognition, no stickers are bound to doubt is fake products, especially now security label is not confined to the action of security, so businesses are very interested in the product put qr code anti-counterfeit labels. Whether consumers to buy now, the packing is exquisite, the outlook is beautiful, this is external to a certain extent, can attract the consumer's desire, but whether attached anti-counterfeit labels, is also a very important reference basis, post, and didn't give the person's psychology feelings is very different, anti-counterfeit labels can see enterprise for its products is very attentively to operation and maintenance, is a responsible company, to buy such products can make people more at ease.

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