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The use value of pesticide anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-04-17
my country has thousands of years of history in agriculture and animal husbandry, and it is also a strong country in the development of modern agriculture. Therefore, it is said that anti-counterfeiting labels must be affixed to pesticides. Because fake pesticides damage food crops, more serious damage will cause farmers to uncles. Declining steadily, and the environmental pollution to the natural environment is great, so pesticide anti-counterfeiting labels must be affixed. So what is the use value of pesticide anti-counterfeiting labels?

   1. Is it necessary to affix pesticide anti-counterfeiting labels?

  Our country is a strong country in agriculture and animal husbandry. Grain is the foundation of agriculture and animal husbandry. The above-mentioned countries have many investment assets in agriculture, animal husbandry and other fields, but fake seeds, fake farmers, drugs, fake Organic fertilizers and other problems appear endlessly. If the seeds planted are fake, there may be no harvest after autumn, and the farmers' hard work for a year is wasted. Agricultural and animal husbandry seed companies have a stronger balance of supply and demand for many farmers; they are assured of applying high-quality agricultural and animal husbandry seeds, competing for anti-counterfeiting labels, and strongly avoiding the impact of fake agricultural and animal husbandry on the seed sales market and safeguarding the rights and interests of farmers.

   2. The use value of agricultural and medical anti-counterfeiting labels:

  1. Improve product level.

  2. Pesticide anti-counterfeiting labels have very good practical effects and curb counterfeiting. With the continuous promotion and improvement of anti-counterfeiting professional skills, many pesticide anti-counterfeiting labels cannot be copied or counterfeited. In this way, the business of the enterprise can be developed, the market share of the enterprise can be increased, and the sales revenue can be promoted.

  3. When consumers see the anti-counterfeiting labels of agricultural products and medicines on the packaging, they will feel that well-known brands and products are very standardized. In addition, it is convenient for consumers to check authenticity and then purchase applications to develop customer satisfaction and repeat purchase rates.

  4. Conducive to the marketing and promotion of well-known brands. When the anti-counterfeiting company entrusts the anti-counterfeiting company to coordinate the label, it can scan the QR code on the label for promotion, connect to the company’s official website or mall, or add the company’s outbound and sales calls. This kind of product is often very good for corporate brands and has a good marketing and promotion effect.

  5. Compared with many manufacturers and agents, they will choose anti-smuggling labels and then restrain cross-products. The relative path of standard marketing and promotion. This is the practice of developing agents, and sales staff are often more motivated. effect.

  3. Steps for making pesticide anti-counterfeiting labels:

   1. The enterprise and the anti-counterfeiting company reach a consensus on the style and price of the anti-counterfeiting label, and judge the project cooperation.

  2. Both sides communicate their own corporate qualifications, including corporate business licenses, trademark registration numbers, the true identity of the legal representative, certificates and other photocopies of the company seal.

  3. Tell the company’s trademark logo image, company name and its label to the anti-counterfeiting company plan elite team, usually the plan elite team will plan according to customer regulations, product characteristics and its own core concept of the plan. Several models are available for customers to choose from.

  4 The customer judges the draft plan of the agricultural and pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting labels to sign the contract agreement on both sides to clarify the control rights and obligations of both sides.

  5 Agricultural and pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting labels have just started production. Under normal circumstances, production needs to go through multiple steps of film production, packaging and printing, sub-film coating, coding, die cutting and waste disposal.

  6. After the label is produced and delivered to the customer, the search language and sound of the label must also be judged. It is assumed that the anti-counterfeiting company should handle the doubts as it cannot be searched during the whole process of the label application, and do a good job in the after-sales maintenance service.

   The above is a detailed introduction to the use value of pesticide anti-counterfeiting labels. Anti-counterfeiting labels are very common in various fields. The application of anti-counterfeiting labels can ensure the interests of companies and consumers. If you need to make anti-counterfeiting labels or product anti-counterfeiting For traceability system, please call Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting: 400-998-0111.
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