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The use of the qr code anti-counterfeit labels to the enterprise marketing

by:LG Printing     2021-02-09

qr code is now widely known the trend of science and technology, and also became a common way of anti-counterfeiting query qr code anti-counterfeiting. Scan by mobile phones, easily identify. But check security is one of the functions, the other one is marketing, how to improve the enterprise's marketing efficiency through qr code and brand value? Take qr code anti-counterfeiting system marketing to take a look at our resort.

qr code anti-counterfeiting marketing system is a kind of IP with the aid of potential energy, help to create brand enterprise quickly user account system of user accounts. It USES a standardized application of a yard, realize the user and the process of online and offline interactions, complete data collection, and then according to the data analysis, different user characteristics can be divided into potential customers, fans, users and members. The user account structure based on user privilege level and body. Is the formation of the rights and interests. < br />

at present, the market of the third party security company to provide different anti-counterfeiting technology services to businesses, have telephone, WeChat, network, qr code query a variety of ways. < br />

traditional anti-counterfeiting query method is more troublesome. Suggested that the enterprises use scan qr code to check its authenticity and for consumers to know the result. Using qr code anti-counterfeiting function of marketing system, to help each product has a unique qr code; Id card and the qr code is full of anti-counterfeiting information and data, can help the brand to achieve:

scan qr code directly display the query results. Consumers need to take out the mobile phone, gently scan, can accurately identify the authenticity of a commodity. This is a very convenient way consumers inspection authenticity. < br />

pay attention to the public the truth of input password query. In order to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, consumers take the initiative to focus on the public account. Through the application of qr code anti-counterfeiting marketing system, it can be said that under the condition of zero cost, enterprises can quickly and efficiently implement of new public, also can put these fans developed into brand loyal consumers, bring more orders. < br />

check its authenticity and attend the anti-counterfeiting lottery. By scanning the qr code on the product, consumers can look at the product is real, also can get the rewards, to encourage customers to buy again and again. < br />

qr code anti-counterfeiting marketing system of value:

1,; A yard, each product has a unique qr code, consumers can easily scan, through WeChat shows rich anti-counterfeiting interface immediately. < br />

2, consumers can check the authenticity, at the same time pay attention to the merchant's WeChat public account, receive WeChat cash bonus and mall points, allow businesses to offline potential users into customers online, for merchants to carry out the second after marketing activities to lay the fan base. < br />

3, qr code anti-counterfeiting marketing system through a yard of anti-counterfeiting technology, you can easily track sales process, convenience stores management goods flight, analysis of the background data, provide data support for future secondary sales. < br />

4, merchants can get red packets and integral through WeChat scanning, attracting and retaining fans, keep the visibility and the accuracy of the secondary marketing propaganda, carry out mobile Internet marketing activities. < br />

by the application of qr code anti-counterfeiting marketing system, WeChat products can better sales. The qr code anti-counterfeiting marketing system, the enterprise don't have to worry about their own products and brands fake unscrupulous merchants. Anti-counterfeiting rich, flexible marketing activities of the marketing system, sales don't worry.

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