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The traceability system of healthy agricultural products in the mouth

by:LG Printing     2021-04-29
Everyone is very interested in eating. The basis of life is to eat. If you don’t eat, you will be hungry. If you are hungry to a certain extent, you will return to nature. This shows how much people desire to eat. . Our era has entered a well-off society, and our lives are getting better and better. However, many genetically modified foods have appeared in agricultural products. Everyone is aware of the harm of genetically modified products. So how can we know when we buy ingredients? What about the raw materials, origin and production methods of the ingredients? How can we buy with confidence? At this time, the importance of the traceability system of agricultural products is reflected. Next, the editor will introduce to you the importance of the traceability system of agricultural products.

  The important role of agricultural product traceability system includes the following content:

   1. Improve product quality and promote standardized production: Relying on the agricultural product traceability system will force the establishment of a credit system, promote the improvement of agricultural product quality, and provide support for the standardization, scale and industrialization of agriculture.

  2. Enhance agricultural value and enhance product market competitiveness: Good agricultural products will produce greater product value. The use of agricultural product traceability systems to improve product quality, enhance agricultural value, and enhance product market competitiveness.

  3. Leading enterprises take the lead in welfare and lead industrial upgrading: Currently, some leading enterprises are mainly applying the traceability system of agricultural products, and through demonstration applications, they will gradually lead other production entities to actively participate in the construction of the agricultural product quality traceability system and gradually optimize The industrial chain and the extension of the industrial chain lead to industrial upgrading.

  4. Increasing farmers’ income through brand building: Using a brand to increase income is one of the important contents of current agricultural development. The traceability system of agricultural products is used to strengthen supervision, improve the quality of agricultural products, and create conditions for the brand building of agricultural products. High-quality branded products are easier to obtain high added value and increase income, which can greatly increase farmers' income.

  5. Create a livelihood project for reliable and reliable agricultural product production: In the past, our trust in food quality was constantly refreshed due to multiple food problems such as quick-grown chicken, cadmium rice, spliced u200bu200bmeat, waste oil, leather milk and so on. Now, using the agricultural product traceability system, consumers will know the agricultural product by scanning it; the origin enhances consumers' confidence in agricultural product production enterprises, and creates a livelihood project for agricultural product production that allows consumers to rest assured.

  6. Enhance the image of the industry and promote the healthy development of the industry: With the help of the agricultural product traceability system, through effective supervision, the self-management level and service quality of agricultural product manufacturers have been greatly promoted, and the brand development road has become more and more smooth. These effective tasks have played an important role in enhancing the image of the industry and promoting the healthy development of the industry.

   The development of agricultural product system traceability has played a very good role for me and our consumers. It not only makes us more assured of the purchase of agricultural products, but also brings more benefits to farmers and a win-win situation. , The research and development of the traceability system of agricultural products can better combat the counterfeiting industry. Although it cannot completely eliminate them, it will make them difficult, thus damaging their confidence and regaining the trust of consumers. The above is the agricultural product traceability system introduced by Shanghai Shangyuan editor. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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