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The size of the amount of paper coated silicon layer at the bottom of the impact on the adhesive material properties and processing

by:LG Printing     2021-01-23

the bottom paper is one of the structure of adhesive, there are many kinds of base paper, fiber composition and processing method also each are not identical. The size of the amount of paper coated silicon layer at the bottom of the characteristics of no glue material and processing also has a direct impact.

coating of silicon the size of the effect on the adhesive material characteristics and processing the following

coating of silicon hour

a, fabric and bonding force between the bottom paper known as mold force increase, lead to waste difficult, easy to snap fabrics, causing downtime. If you choose to use manual waste could be greatly reduced productivity.

2, because of the small amount of silicon coating, bottom paper surface is rough, can affect deep smoothness and bonding properties of adhesive. Also, because of the mold strength, automatic labeling when out of the difficulty, can't even labeling.

3, also has certain influence for die cutting, coated silicon layer is too thin to protect the bottom paper, easy to wear and vice and waste.

DangTu large amount of silicon.

a, fabric and bonding force between the bottom paper, lead to waste the label off together with the waste removal, especially the small label.

2, mold force is small, make the fabric, the bottom paper when printing and processing easy separation or partial separation. Tie into the air drum, foaming, become obsolete after printing.

3, mold force is small, make the finished product labels easy to fell off the bottom paper. Especially after test to get rid of waste label, then labeled as qualified, the label on the new post is easy to fall off, especially when automatic labeling. This requires that we have the ability to make judgment according to need, make us more convenient and more qualified products.

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