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The scratch-off silver anti-counterfeiting label of the label in memory

by:LG Printing     2021-03-11
In the era of rapid technological development, people's consumption level has gradually improved, and there are more and more anti-counterfeiting labels and a wide range of products. In the impression of the editor, when I was young, I saw a lot of scratch-off silver anti-counterfeiting labels. I didn’t know that it was an anti-counterfeiting label before. I just knew that it was to be scratched off. It was more fun, just like scratch-off, fun. The sex is relatively big. When I grow up, I can see its footprints in my life. For example, the anti-counterfeiting label on the back of the cosmetics I bought a few days ago is to be scratched to check the authenticity. I don’t know if your impression of it is still there. Next, the editor will introduce to you, the scratch-off silver anti-counterfeiting label and its materials.

   First of all, what is a scratch-off silver anti-counterfeiting label. The scratch-off silver anti-counterfeiting label is also called the scratch-off digital anti-counterfeiting label. It means that the corresponding query number is obtained by scratching off the silver. The principle of the label is the principle of digital anti-counterfeiting. After the anti-counterfeiting code is obtained, the specified query method on the label is used Perform a verification query to obtain the authenticity information of the label. Scratch-off digital anti-counterfeiting labels are a form of digital anti-counterfeiting applications that are currently widely used. After more than ten years of development, the corresponding technology is constantly being improved and updated.

  Secondly, let’s take a look at the scratch-off silver anti-counterfeiting label material:

  1. Self-adhesive paper: The commonly used material for scratch-off digital anti-counterfeiting labels is self-adhesive paper. Paper from different regions, for example, the cost of imported paper is relatively high. Related companies will launch a low-temperature resistant, high-viscosity self-adhesive material, which is widely used in cold areas in the north and also used in some occasions that require high viscosity. Special materials, knife molds, and special shapes.

  2. Fragile paper: The characteristic of fragile paper is that it can not be completely torn off or shredded once it is attached to the product. It is very good for the use of labels. The cost of fragile paper is about ordinary self-adhesive. The cost of making a label is almost twice that of an ordinary self-adhesive label. Fragile paper labels cannot be torn up completely.

  3. PVC, PET: In order to achieve the waterproof effect, the paper material is replaced by PVC or PET. The production process is similar, except that the cost of PVC is higher than that of ordinary self-adhesive.

  4. Plastic film materials: The use of plastic film materials to produce labels is a technology that has only been introduced in the past two or three years. Its characteristic is that the labels are not transferable and are affixed to the object. After tearing off, only the surface plastic film is torn off. , The others will remain on the object being posted. The label also has the feature that it can realize the double effect of uncovering and scraping. Therefore, this type of label can be lifted off like an uncovered digital anti-counterfeiting label, or it can be scratched. Therefore, this label requires a higher number of prints.

  5. Coated paper: Less use coated paper to make labels, and thicker coated paper directly make anti-counterfeiting certificates.

  Different anti-counterfeiting labels use different materials, but scratch-off silver anti-counterfeiting labels can also be combined with other anti-counterfeiting labels. Isn’t it very powerful? Its scope of application is also very wide. For example, our common industries include footwear, health care products, food, wine, auto parts, medicine, light industry, electrical appliances, audio-visual cultural products, etc. The above is the introduction of the scratch-off silver anti-counterfeiting label and anti-counterfeiting technology introduced to you by the editor. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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