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The role of anti-smuggling system in health products

by:LG Printing     2021-03-06
People pay much attention to health care after a certain age. Many people choose a lot of expensive health care products. Many young people also like to eat health care products, but there are also many fake health care products. They eat fake health care products. The damage to the body will be even greater, and the gain will not be worth the loss. Next, I will talk to my friends about the magical label' target='_blank'>anti-counterfeiting system for authentic health products.

  一. The effect of the anti-smuggling system of health products on consumers:

   For health care products, the awareness of keeping in good health values u200bu200bits quality and reliability. The anti-sweeping system of health products is based on the technology of one item, one code, which escorts the quality of every health care product. As long as consumers scan the anti-counterfeiting code of health products with their mobile phones, they can not only know the authenticity of the product, but also learn more and more information, how to use, use suggestions and use taboos, etc., which will be very comprehensive for consumers. Said to be a brand-new consumer experience, the realization of this anti-counterfeiting function will make consumers more trust and rely on the enterprise, and use health products with confidence.

  二. The value of the anti-cashing system to merchants:

  1. Product management: one item, one code, each product can be tracked throughout the whole process;

  2. Authority management: The health care product anti-smuggling system can be set with different operating authority to make the management more reliable;

  3. Ordering management: Distributors at all levels of the anti-sweeping system for health products can realize online orders and returns;

  4. Data management: The health care product anti-smuggling system can count all the data and automatically form an EXCEL table for targeted analysis;

  5. Logistics management: The anti-sweeping system of health products realizes the whole process tracking from production to sales;

  6. System management: It can automatically and quickly obtain the information of the fleeing goods through the latitude and longitude, and realize the full supervision of the fleeing goods;

  7. Dealer management: The health care product anti-smuggling system can realize the control of different levels of dealers

  三. Advantages of the anti-sweeping system for health products:

  1. The anti-sweeping system for health products assigns a QR code to each product. The anti-swating system will record the information of every link from product shipments, logistics distribution, distributors’ delivery to terminal sales, etc. Solve the phenomenon of fleeing goods at the source.

  2. The anti-counterfeiting system for health products is based on the anti-counterfeiting label, which realizes the function of one code for multiple purposes. The counterfeiter dare not deliberately conceal the QR code anti-counterfeiting label on the product, otherwise consumers will think that the product is fake It is convenient for consumers to make judgments about products. The establishment of the anti-smuggling platform enables companies and consumers to work together to prevent the occurrence of counterfeit and shoddy products and product smuggling.

  3. The construction of the anti-sweeping system for health products tells the consumer's scan code information to be transmitted to the system, so that enterprises can obtain real-time product channel information, and at the same time, it can monitor the behavior of distributors and collect evidence of product fleeing.

   Frequent chaotic thoughts on pirating goods affect the stability of the market and cause chaos in the logistics channel system. Mr. Yan harms the interests of consumers and merchants. The health care product anti-sweeping system maintains market stability, and genuine anti-counterfeit health care products are anti-sweeping The system realizes the supervision of each link through the one-item one-code technology, prevents the occurrence of the fleeing goods, and solves the occurrence of the fleeing goods. The health care product anti-fleeing system can not only prevent the occurrence of the fleeing goods in advance and maintain the stability of the market, but also can achieve Real-time tracking records of ticket generation, logistics, distribution and other links.

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