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The rapid progress of information technology has promoted the development of anti-counterfeiting technology. The forms of anti-counterfeiting labels are self-evident

by:LG Printing     2020-02-10
1. Laser anti-counterfeiting label, also known as laser label or holographic label, is a label completed by using laser color hologram plate making technology and molding copy technology. The plate making technologies that can be realized include: dot matrix dynamic light, disposable special laser film, 3D optical miniature background, colorful optical random interference, Chinese and English uranium shrinking characters, etc. The laser label has bright gold, bright silver and other colors, and will reflect different colors at different angles, which is the most obvious visual feature of the laser label. 2. The double-layer uncovering anti-counterfeiting label is also called uncovering label, which is similar to uncovering the bottom label, but what is left after uncovering is a complete layer of label. The double-layer label consists of two layers of labels, so that the label has richer product promotion and anti-counterfeiting information. For example, the first layer uses laser labels to achieve high-end dazzling appearance, then the bottom layer uses other anti-counterfeiting technologies to strengthen the anti-counterfeiting capability, or the first layer uses static two-dimensional codes to guide attention to public numbers and promote brands, and the bottom layer uses anti-counterfeiting or red envelope functions. 3, Rainbow anti-counterfeiting label: colorful pictures anti-counterfeiting, using different sizes, colors, random positions, adjustable number of color circles to form a picture. The size, color, quantity and position of the beautiful circle are random, easy to identify and difficult to forge. Absolutely unique ID card code, absolutely unique anti-counterfeiting features, absolutely unique manufacturing use. 4. Coupon: coupon is a common short-term business promotion tool, which is related to points (Attract customers for a long time) It just constitutes the basic tool of Daily marketing, and coupons are a kind of coupons. Consumers can be exempted from a part of the amount when they consume through coupons. Many units and activities also use coupons as holiday benefits, while merchants can achieve marketing goals such as short-term passenger flow improvement through coupons. Anti-counterfeiting technologies such as high temperature disappearance and group flowers can be added to coupons and vouchers to prevent possible losses caused by fraud. Coupon description: 1. The style of coupons can be designed for customers according to their needs to strengthen the brand promotion effect. 2. Various anti-counterfeiting schemes. Coupons can support a variety of anti-counterfeiting functions such as random password scraping, dripping, invisible fluorescent characters, etc. , to prevent possible losses caused by fraud. 3. Optional laser scratch coating. In addition to the traditional scratch silver coating, there is currently the latest laser scratch coating available, providing the same dazzling visual effect as laser labels, and is more environmentally friendly than traditional scratch silver. 4. Special process anti-counterfeiting label temperature change anti-counterfeiting is made by means of temperature change ink, which can rapidly change its color or temporarily disappear with the change of ambient temperature, make the colored object have a dynamic color effect. At normal temperature, a specific color or colorless color is displayed, and the color changes according to the high and low temperature of the temperature.
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