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The products of the auto parts industry are mixed, and learning to distinguish between true and false products is not only related to the safety of car owners, but also benefits the purchasers. Below

by:LG Printing     2020-02-04
First, check the product logo: the name, address, contact number and other signs of the genuine product are clear, and the quality of the outer packaging is good, the inside and outside of the packaging box are clear, and the overprint color is bright. However, counterfeit and shoddy products often have poor quality of outer packaging, unclear handwriting inside and outside the packaging box, turbid color of overprinting, fuzzy trademark patterns, and decolorization of some counterfeit and shoddy products. Second, check the certificate attached to the product; Third, check the product price; Fourth, check the product anti-counterfeiting label (Focus) : First look at the anti-counterfeiting mark of the product. There are mainly two types of anti-counterfeiting methods used: 1. Fixed coloring. The coloring of some auto parts is fixed as a special mark for their products. 2, anti-counterfeiting code. Some auto parts are provided with a silver coating on their outer packaging or certificate and instructions, and there will be a set of numbers, namely anti-counterfeiting codes, when the coating is scraped off. The authenticity of the product can be known by scanning the two-dimensional code indicated on the label, logging in to the website, calling 400, etc. First query prompt: Hello! What you are looking for is the genuine product produced by XX Co. , Ltd. Please feel free to use it. Thank you for your support! Repeated query prompt: the security code you have queried has been queried. The first query time is X years, X months, X days, X hours, X minutes and X seconds. For this query, if you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer, beware of counterfeiting! There is also a certain difference between the anti-counterfeiting labels of auto parts and other goods, because in addition to anti-counterfeiting content, generally, the model, specification, logistics barcode and custom printing area of the product can also be added. Therefore, this requires that in addition to the anti-counterfeiting measures, the anti-counterfeiting labels of auto parts must have the exquisiteness of printing and the later printability.
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