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The problems in ordinary paper class self-adhesive label printing

by:LG Printing     2021-01-22

there are several kinds of paper classes the non-drying label, each kind of paper printing effect and purpose is different, its surface material basically has glossy paper, glossy paper and matte paper, different paper material have different USES, printing method and matters of attention, will now take you understand!

glossy paper.

highlights paper surface with coating and the pressure light processing, the surface is smooth, absorbency, to control printing ink quantity, shoulds not be too big. The ink is not completely dry and smearing phenomenon will occur. Should not be printed on the spot when adopt the way of increasing the pressure and ink deepen inky, should change the ink when with ink, ink layer thinner, deep inky.

highlights paper suitable for mesh color printing, printing on the spot as far as possible with the method of flat screen and gradient mesh superimpose. Printing glossy paper can be used after polishing way to protect the ink layer, laminating process is not recommended. Glossy paper coated label easily become warped, applications become warped edge, falls off phenomenon.

half a glossy paper.

coated surface with coating, ink absorbency and moderate sex good, suitable for all kinds of label printing. Due to good absorbency, coated paper in large field when printing ink amount, otherwise there will be a hair flower, ink layer surface uneven phenomenon.

coated paper in multicolor printing, try to dispatch the same color of the light level printing respectively with the ground, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the whole printing image. Coated paper label printing can use glazing or laminating process, in order to achieve high paper printing effect.

inferior smooth paper.

no coating or inferior smooth inferior smooth paper surface coating, good absorbency. But since there is no coating or coating thin, unfavorable field printing color printing and large area, suitable for general line, text printing, mainly used for single or double color printing price tag class.

can use general resin type oily when printing ink, ink shoulds not be too thin, ink is too thin, the paper to absorb too much, inky dark, visual effect is not good. Inferior smooth paper good absorbency, fast drying, suitable for roll to roll printing way. In order to avoid adhesion after rewinding, should control the drying speed and amount of ink.

it is an introduction to the classification of these paper self-adhesive materials, have you learned?

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