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The principle of anti-counterfeiting label disappeared by dripping water

by:LG Printing     2021-04-08
Anti-counterfeiting products not only require high anti-counterfeiting technology content, making it difficult for counterfeiters to imitate, but also easy to be distinguished by consumers. No matter how good an anti-counterfeiting product is, it is difficult for consumers to identify the authenticity or it is useless, but the anti-counterfeiting label for the disappearance of drips has these conditions. It is not only high in anti-counterfeiting technology, but also easy to identify. It can be distinguished by just passing through a drop of water. Pseudo. So, what is the principle of the disappearance of dripping anti-counterfeiting label?

  一. About the introduction of drip anti-counterfeiting label:

  Drip disappearing anti-counterfeiting label is a new type of anti-counterfeiting technology developed on the basis of drip filtration technology. It uses selective irradiation and etching to make translucent micropores in the part of the anti-counterfeit label and is equipped with special According to the formation requirements of the company, the consumer only needs to apply a drop of water on the pattern when identifying the ink. When the pattern is small, the pattern will be restored after the water dries. This anti-counterfeiting technology is currently simple in domestic anti-counterfeiting detection and anti-counterfeiting , Easy-to-operate nano-level anti-counterfeiting technology.

  二. The principle of the anti-counterfeiting label disappeared by dripping water:

   The anti-counterfeiting label for the disappearance of dripping water is a relatively advanced anti-counterfeiting technology. The disappearance of dripping anti-counterfeiting label is realized by adding a special printing ink and a special plate-making process. At the same time, the text or pattern is hidden and cannot be seen by the naked eye. The water droplets can be used to interact with the ink to achieve the effect of disappearing water droplets.

  三. Identification method:

  1. Use the micro-holes formed by the ion and nanometers in the pattern for anti-counterfeiting, and observe the anti-counterfeiting mark of the dripping disappearing technology made of nano materials with a thickness of more than ten meters under the academic microscope. You can observe the dripping disappearing technology anti-counterfeiting mark The logo pattern part is composed of a large number of micron-sized pores. The pore diameter and pore density of these micropores can be changed according to the requirements of users, that is, different manufacturers can set their own pore diameter and pore density, the pore type of the micropores is cylindrical, and the pore distribution is random. The anti-counterfeiting signs produced by China Ion Accelerator are distributed randomly at a certain discrete angle in each cylindrical channel. The imitation of the latter anti-counterfeiting signs is almost impossible. The above method can also be used to analyze the patterns with pictures and analyzers. Part of the pore size and pore density are identified.

  2. Use the permeability of micro-channels for anti-counterfeiting identification. Use water, wine and other liquids to apply the dripping vanishing technology anti-counterfeiting logo pattern. As the holes are filled with liquid, the optical structure of the surface layer changes and the pattern becomes shallower and disappears. For example, when a color pattern is printed on the back of the pattern, the color pattern on the back of the pattern changes It is more obvious that once the liquid evaporates, the pattern returns to its original shape, and the process of pattern disappearing to recovery is intact. Obviously, between 30 seconds and 60 seconds, the primary products that have not undergone nano-processing will disappear slowly, and they cannot be combined with other anti-counterfeiting technologies.

  3. Use a high-power magnifying glass for anti-counterfeiting identification. Use a 120-fold magnifying glass to carefully observe the pattern part of the anti-counterfeiting mark, and you can see that the pattern is composed of irregular dots.

   Under the literal understanding, you can put a drop of water on the label, and the text or image will disappear. The distinction between authenticity and falsehood is completed. The principle is to achieve the effect of discoloration and disappearance through the mutual effect of water and ink. There are mainly water-changing inks and moisture-sensitive inks. When water-changing inks are white, they become transparent when they meet with water, and they return to white when they dry. Moisture-sensitive inks are divided into two types: reversible and irreversible. One is that the color becomes colorless after being reacted with water, and the color of the original is restored after the water dries, which is reversible. The other is that the original image will become blurred when it encounters water, and it will not return to its original state after the water dries. The use of this kind of worry-free label will be reused, and it is mostly used to check whether batteries and electrical appliances are in water.

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