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The pillar of value in adversity, the anti-cashing management system

by:LG Printing     2021-04-04
For enterprises, sales channel management is a very difficult problem! That is to say, fleeing goods and fleeing goods will hinder the healthy development of enterprises and must be resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will destroy the channel network established by the company, destroy the cooperative relationship between manufacturers and distributors, disrupt the sales market, corrupt the brand, and reduce consumers' trust in the brand.

   One, the operation process of the anti-smuggling management system

   1. First establish a QR code anti-flight system, and then give each product a definite identity code in the background, establish one-to-one data association, and conduct data management in different areas.

  2. Put a label on the large package, and then affix the product label corresponding to the large package on the unit package. Through the identification of each product, packaging box and pallet, logistics identification management is carried out.

  3. Through information collection, manual or mechanical marking, online coding, and then define the delivery product according to the background data. Accurately collect and monitor the data of products entering and leaving the warehouse, and track the products to ensure that the company can grasp the flow of products in a timely manner.

  4. Companies can obtain product distribution area and information about the stock exchange through dealer inquiries, audit inquiries, and consumer inquiries. For example, after purchasing, a consumer scans and inquires a product that should appear in area a but in area B, and then it can be judged that the product is being sold.

  Second, the functions and characteristics of the anti-smuggling management system

  1. It realizes the automatic collection of data, uploads the data to the channel anti-smuggling management system, cancels the steps of manually writing documents and sending them to the computer room for input, greatly improving work efficiency.

  2. Through the anti-smuggling management system, a large amount of paper and text information required for documents is converted into electronic data, which improves the speed and accuracy of production data statistics and reduces the difficulty of the work of summary statistics personnel.

  3. Eliminate manual operations in transaction processing, reduce invalid labor, avoid increasing warehouse inventory due to inaccurate information, and improve capital utilization.

  3. Advantages of anti-traffic management system

   1. It is convenient for enterprises to supervise products.

  Manager can scan the QR code on the product to query the detailed information of related products, warehousing and logistics information, etc.

  2. Multi-level distributor management

   QR code anti-sweeping system supports multi-level distribution levels, can manage any link of the circulation channel, effectively prevents agents from fleeing products, any super-level price increases, and online management of warehousing, products, and agents.

  3. Reduce business costs

   Generally speaking, the production, storage, tracking and flight management of products require a lot of financial and human resources, and the effect is not satisfactory. The two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system can monitor the situation of products in circulation, as well as anti-smuggling early warning, it can accurately find out the location and operator of the early warning, and save the cost of the enterprise from the above aspects.

  4. Improve management efficiency

   QR code anti-smuggling system can provide enterprises with a big data platform, which is easy to operate, is conducive to statistical analysis of data, better manages enterprise products, and improves efficiency and practicability.

  Shanghai Shangyuan anti-counterfeiting system automatically detects the product sales and distribution area information, determines whether the product is sold, counts the product information, and sends the report to the corporate headquarters. After receiving an early warning, the manager can obtain evidence based on the reported information, stop or punish the dealers who flee the goods, severely crack down on the fleeing behavior, safeguard the rights and interests of the enterprise, and regulate the market environment.

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