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The non-drying label waterproof little skill

by:LG Printing     2021-01-24

the non-drying label can be seen everywhere in our life, like food, a variety of electric equipment and articles for daily use, will the non-drying label as a product identification, as well as improve the product quality with some of the information products to help customers better to choose goods.

there are a lot of products for the convenience of use may require the non-drying label can be waterproof, after the glue water still does not affect the non-drying label with the information itself and the shape, the non-drying label is need waterproof small skills to complete.

in general universal basic can be waterproof membrane class the non-drying label, like PP synthetic paper sticker, white adhesive labels, transparent PE film class the non-drying label, silver dragon, PET label adhesive labels, and so on can all of these are waterproof.

a lot of material has the non-drying label, stickers printing paste material, below labeling in accordance with the application environment, and to achieve the effect of the non-drying label design, whether to have special technology, and so on these to choose appropriate label material.

according to different needs to choose the appropriate material products printing can achieve ideal result.

is a more than ten years experience in printing printing factory, can solve the problem of all kinds of self-adhesive printing, has been committed to improve the quality of the non-drying label.

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