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The non-drying label stamping method

by:LG Printing     2021-01-25

according to the processing of the non-drying label, can be divided into sheet-fed stamping and drum paper hot stamping. Sheet-fed stamping with a traditional hot stamping process is the same, usually in special hot stamping machine processing. Drum paper hot stamping is done on a label linkage machine, is the most widely used a way of processing.

now, by the simple for you to introduce drum material hot stamping several ways!

a, label machine pressed flat hot stamping. In the letterpress label printing machine, flat to flat or round flatten type equipment, due to intermittent drum paper to paper, hot stamping all adopt the way of pressing. Usually hot stamping location for independent unit, there are some models hot stamping with die cutting with a unit, used separately.

2, multi-station pressed flat hot stamping. Some models have two hot stamping unit, such as Japan's label making machine: one of the unit near the plate, complete horizontal hot stamping; Another unit as an independent unit, complete vertical hot stamping. The aircraft can two-color bronzing, at the same time to achieve special effect.

3, flat crush on flat hot stamping. Machine is designed for reel label after printing and without printing label design. Hot stamping is a function of the machine, processing machine of hot stamping device, generally adopt the way of pressing. With the above label making machine.

4, rotary press circle pressure circle on the hot stamping. Circle pressure circle hot stamping is refers to the gilding version for cylinder, and contact with embossing roller, hot stamping. Circle pressure circle bronzing suitable for continuous feed the round transformation of labels used on board. But have a certain request for feed speed, that is influential to bronzing printing speed, but compared with flat flat hot stamping, can greatly improve efficiency. Circle pressure circle bronzing roll manufacturing cost is high, so is suitable for the machining long version live.

5, rotary press on cold gold. New technology, without heating metal plate, but by using the method of printing adhesive, make the foil transfer, hot stamping. Process is in need to bronzing print on the location of the pressure sensitive adhesive, the device to make glue dry, use of special metal foil with pressure sensitive adhesive composite, stripping metal foil, foil on the graphic part of transfer printing to print surface, realize the cold gold. Cold gold process cost is low. To save energy, high production efficiency, can use existing equipment parts, does not need additional device, is a very promising new technology.

it is the simple introduction to reel the non-drying label bronzing oh!

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