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The non-drying label printing in front of the 'warm up'

by:LG Printing     2021-03-03
The non-drying label is everywhere in our life, like our daily use of various electrical and buying all kinds of articles for daily use will be the existence of the non-drying label, the non-drying label application is very extensive, therefore, some industry also has very high requirements for its quality.

to produce the conform to the requirements of the quality of the non-drying label, we need to do some preparation work to reduce the adverse phenomenon of printing the non-drying label, to guarantee the quality of the non-drying label.

the first thing to check whether the non-drying label exist burrs

in order to ensure the quality, the first thing to guarantee for the quality of the adhesive label printing is good, can't exist burrs and broken situation, if there is burrs and damaged, will greatly reduce the quality of printing, so the inspection before printing work is very necessary to a work program.

second to check whether there is a crack phenomenon label

in May because the non-drying label cutting cutting knife is not sharp, making label at the bottom of the paper or the surface crack of paper, once these cracks appear, appeared due to crack this drawing could be sticking label adhesive, it will affect subsequent printing labels, so this is also the necessary a link.

to produce the conform to the requirements of the quality of the non-drying label, we have to do some preparation work before printing, printing never let up on this one, it comes from we hope that the quality of the products is more and more good a persistent.

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