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The non-drying label printing in common 'the scale disease' - — glue

by:LG Printing     2021-01-27

the non-drying label printing inevitably appear all sorts of abnormal, there is a kind of exception can be regarded as 'the scale disease', why say so, because it wasn't much of a problem, but also affect the use, what is it, today we will talk about the 'glue' for the problem.

glue: as the name implies, is the glue overflow from the label edge, is one of the more common problems in the non-drying label printing, glue will cause pollution of the label print, appearance defects, bad, especially in summer, the glue problem is more outstanding, is this what is among them mystery? Among the non-drying label material with a layer of
adhesive, adhesive liquidity is stronger, the more prone to glue. When the temperature is higher, the fluidity of adhesive, also easy to overflow. High temperature and high humidity environment can make adhesive liquidity increased greatly, so the summer season, the rainy season is glue problem. Glue problems the amount of coating and adhesives have close relations, the winter and summer adhesives coating weight should be, there is a difference between this for surface materials for thin film adhesive materials are more sensitive. For the glue, I suggest that can do the following:

1. Need to consult with your material supplier material adhesive type, adhesive processing performance and other characteristics, choose the material that is appropriate for your process.

2。 Production of the non-drying label in the summer, keeping the optimum temperature inside the workshop is particularly important. The label processing and storage environment temperature should be controlled at 23 + / - The range of 3 degrees, humidity should be controlled in a relatively 55 + / - The range of 5%.

3。 Due to the stickers of winter and summer there is a difference between the stickers on the formula, so should not be used wrong season

4. And should not be piled adhesive materials and labels for a long time, should as far as possible to reduce inventory, according to the principle of 'first in first out' to use the

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