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The non-drying label printing environment requirements

by:LG Printing     2021-01-26

the non-drying label printing on production environment has certain requirements, is only suitable for workshop environment can guarantee the non-drying label material deformation, and can print out the qualified products that meet the quality requirements. Will now take you to a simple look at suitable environment need to pay attention to what!

adhesive material is a kind of composite material, in order to ensure the paper or film on the surface of the flat, there will be a wetting process in the process of manufacturing, in order to keep the materials with certain moisture.

basic constant temperature workshop requirements, generally have the air conditioning. To create a suitable environment, making the environmental conditions and adhesive materials manufacture environment is close to, to prevent deformation of the material, ensure the quality of printing. And it also can reduce the static electricity output, also is helpful to improve the quality of printing.

in addition, the workshop need to have air purification device, in particular device equipped with drying conditions, should be timely to cure when hot gas through the pipeline to exclude, maintain indoor temperature and humidity and air circulation. In addition, screen printing, such as using the solvent ink should be promptly eliminate harmful gas in the air, avoid fire hazards and ensure that the operator's health.

the above is the simple understanding of the printing environment, we must pay attention to oh, only build suitable workshop environment can produce high quality products.

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