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The non-drying label printing and types

by:LG Printing     2021-01-26
The non-drying label printing and types < br /> < br /> hello, I am a small make up. Today to introduce the non-drying label printing and types, the following content by the small make up, the related content for reference. < br /> < br /> < br /> < br /> at present, the label content rich goods, and some general thought only stickers and other self-adhesive label printing labels, this limits the label goods and business development direction. Nowadays, label printing coverage from time to time increases, the secondary including mould thermal expansion tags, labels, adhesive labels, indirect silk screen printing label, RFID label printing, smart label printing as well as some coated label, paper, etc. , also including the metabolism of various kinds of new technology from time to time. < br /> < br /> tags inside mould technology refers to the consumption period in the container, the printed graphics or picture images as trademark indirect mold area that is put in the plastic molding machine to make labels and containers fusion together, constitute a perfect packaging container consumption process. ; Tags inside mould; All these machining operations only in a process can be completed. ; Tags inside mould; Plastic packaging containers in the adornment of the fast and effective way to one of for plastic containers/bottle manufacturers and other goods packaging manufacturing founding a new scene in terms of design. < br /> < br /> the non-drying label printing and types < br /> the adhesive label refers to can perfectly show delicate label requirements, but its capital absolute thermal expansion membrane labels to be more expensive. A secondary use for the non-drying label. < br /> < br /> thermal expansion label refers to the use PVC thermal expansion membrane as the packaging label, absolutely the non-drying label and indirect silk screen printing label capital, lower thermal expansion labels easy to damage, but all the abstract is not good, is not conducive to environmental protection. < br /> < br /> screen printing label is to design and printing methods use silk screen printing on the container, the effect is good, have qualitative feeling patterns and text, but indirect silk screen printing quality is not ideal, difficult to reflect refined patterns and rough words, if the color is more, using indirect silk screen printing the price is more expensive. < br /> < br /> actually, label printing disadvantage not only lies in the variety of products from time to time, more important is to complete automation and high speed stick mark in the promotion from time to time. < br /> < br /> if you want to learn more about the label printing industry information, welcome to login our website, we will bring you more practical knowledge. www。 lg - 打印。 com
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