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The non-drying label print and the difference between ordinary color print

by:LG Printing     2021-01-26

the non-drying label print generally have bright colors, contrast is bigger, has obvious shelves in commodities, etc. And ordinary color print emphasizes distinct, stereo sense is strong, order complete, color is rich. The difference between the two is that the non-drying label printing has a special way. Amway here by give you about the difference!

label printing machines are in more than four color, up to twelve color printing. Labels of the format design general for color printing and color printing with color combination of printing. So high grade label, print more, field or the title was written by the color printing, and character image is a four-color screen printing. Even if the same color, printing field and cables are divided into two times, in order to achieve the best visual effects.

ordinary color print in four-color printing offset press. Use the printer for monochrome, two-color and four-color offset press. If label with offset printing, label on the field of color piece, lines and text is together with hierarchical order on the screen printing. Because of the limitation of characteristics of offset printing ink, pressure of each part, so it's difficult to finished product labels reflect characteristic of label printing. General offset press on the color field, composed of flat screen dieyin color piece, the label making machine printing is by designed the color printing, the effect is different.

label print format is designed according to the characteristics of the label, label printing machine is designed for label printing, for special equipment. Although common offset press printing fine print, but for high grade label printing will have some limitations.

it is the difference between the two, you can choose according to need to different print and equipment!

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